Stablecoin Summit 2023 — September 15, 2023

The inaugural Stablecoin Summit will bring together financial institutions, stablecoin projects, regulators, central bankers, protocol developers, researchers and other industry experts.

The summit will be the place for anyone moving stablecoins across the blockchain. From fintech payments to corporate payrolls and even CBDCs, leaders in the stablecoin space will gather in Singapore, just after TOKEN2049, for the first global summit to focus on stablecoins’ role in the future of cross-border payments, CBDCs and fintech.

Key Themes:

– Traditional industry & institutional adoption of stablecoins
– Upcoming use-cases for stablecoins in the real world (with Asia focus)
– Tokenising RWAs and how institutions can leverage them
– Nurturing non-USD/international stablecoin ecosystems
– Navigating the regulatory landscape for stablecoins
– Comparing different regulatory frameworks
– Case studies of institutional stablecoin adoption

Speakers include:

  • Cynthia Wu, Co-founder & COO, Matrixport
  • Yam Ki Chan, VP Strategy & Policy, Circle
  • Hassan Ahmed, Country Director Singapore, Coinbase
  • John Nahas, VP Business Development, Ava Labs
  • Lee Wee Siang, Singapore Compliance Lead & MLRO, Paxos
  • Lennix Lai, Global Chief Commercial Officer, OKX
  • Stephan Lutz, CEO, BitMEX
  • Chee Keong Teo, Associate Partner, EY Singapore
  • Sam Friedman, Solutions Architect, Chainlink Labs
  • Irene Wu, Head of Strategy, Layer Zero Labs
  • Stefan Rust, Founder, Nuon
  • Aaron Collett, Contributor, Goldfinch
  • Danny Toe, Founder and Group CEO, ADDX
  • Marek Olszewski, Co-founder, Celo
  • Nadiem Sissouno, Head of Economics, Mento Labs
  • Richard, Founder, International Stable Currency
  • Sebastien Derivaux, Founding Chef, Stakehouse Financial
  • Sidney Powell, Co-founder, Maple
  • Claude Eguienta, Founder, Mimo
  • Tesa Ho, Co-founder/Tokenomics Lead, Fight Club/BanklessDAO
  • Wayne Huang, Co-founder & CEO, XREX
  • Winston Hsiao, Co-founder and board member, Unitas foundation

Venue: Raffles Hotel
1 Beach Road 189673, Singapore


Stablecoin Summit 2023 is part of the TOKEN2049 Week Singapore 2023

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