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Polkadot’s Highly-Anticipated Mainnet Release Goes Live After Three Years of Development Work

Web3 Foundation has launched the initial version of Polkadot, a sharded protocol that allows decentralized blockchain networks to operate together, seamlessly and at scale.

The protocol represents a significant step towards Web3 Foundation founder and President Dr. Gavin Wood’s vision of a decentralized internet, known as Web 3.0. Dr. Wood, a co-founder and former chief technology officer of Ethereum, led the development of Polkadot along with two co-founders and the team at Parity Technologies, led by CEO Dr. Jutta Steiner.


Got Anymore of That Free Privacy?

Before the current COVID global pandemic, people were already concerned about privacy – the Cambridge Analytica revelations on data collection, people deleting Facebook, and using Tor to visit certain websites that they normally would not with a normal browser. Now, with governments stating that they are tracking us, for “our own good”, the immediacy and relevancy of privacy is hitting home for many, more than ever. The question remains, is privacy something that people are willing to pay for?

This is an opinion piece by Theo Goodman of NYM Technologies.


Top Seven Virtual Crypto Conferences Not to Miss in May 2020

With coronavirus pandemic hitting the world and affecting nearly every possible industry, physical conferences, summits and meetups in Bitcoin and the larger crypto industry are literally non-existent. The community was quick to respond though, not only reformatting many of the existing events into virtual realm, but also bringing up new exciting experiences.

Here are seven virtual Bitcoin and Blockchain events coming up in May, and each of them is a must to attend.


Half of Americans Believe in Bitcoin’s Ability to Replace Traditional Financial System – Survey

Global peer-to-peer bitcoin marketplace, Paxful, released the results of a survey of Americans with a working knowledge of cryptocurrency.

This survey was designed to better understand what the future holds for digital currencies. It goes beyond the simplicity of owning or not owning crypto and dives into the next 10 years of the industry, and what will drive adoption


Weathering The Perfect Economic Storm

A number of unique components are colliding to create the “Perfect Economic Storm”, what is in store for society on the other side, and how can the public protect their wealth?

Read an opinion piece by Richard de Sousa, the co-founder and CEO of AltCoinTrader, one of South Africa’s first and largest cryptocurrency exchanges.


Learn the Complicated or Die. What Order Types Do Traders On Exchanges Need?

In the crypto world, exchange orders are not very different to those that emerged at the very dawn of traditional fiat exchanges. However, as the industry has developed and responded to market demands, orders that differ from traditional ones have emerged.


Tim Draper: We Don’t Want To Miss The Next Unicorn

Silicon Valley venture capitalist Tim Draper and a long time Bitcoin bull says he has expected the current crash on financial markets to happen even without the new coronavirus pandemic. He also says that the current environment is a good time for innovation and a good time for venture capital.


Top 5 Tips for Profitable Bitcoin Mining in 2020

If you started mining in Bitcoin in 2009 or 2010, all you had to do was download some software on your laptop or desktop and let it run. With 50 BTC being mined every 10 minutes and very little competition, early miners who managed to not lose or sell their coins became millionaires as Bitcoin’s price appreciated.


ConsenSys Gives Boost to Web3 Education, Funds Projects Building Solutions to Fight COVID-19

ConsenSys, a U.S based Ethereum oriented company, recently unveiled its Enterprise and Developer Libraries, resources for both institutions and software engineers to keep up with blockchain industry developments and discover new solutions.



How the Crisis Will Affect the Financial and Cryptocurrency Markets

The panic caused by the coronavirus is currently the main topic for discussion throughout the world, and the crypto-community is no exception. What can we expect from the digital currency market in the context of recent events?


US Homeland Security Lists Blockchain as Covid-19 Critical Service

The Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA), a department of the DHS, has developed an initial list of sectors and workers who should continue their regular schedule. The list is advisory in nature and aims to help state and local governments identify essential workforce for maintaining services in the country.


KYC Explained: Crypto and Compliance Are The Odd Couple, But They Must Get On

Almost 20 years after the first AML (Anti-Money Laundering) legislation arrived, regulators across the world are working to establish global KYC (Know Your Customer) standards that are now being applied to fintech and cryptocurrencies in particular. A technology sector that began with the idea of anonymous peer-to-peer payments is now seeing the value in aligning with traditional finance, and that means compliance with KYC regulations.


Five Reasons to Visit One of a Kind Bitcoin Conference… LABITCONF

Last month an outstanding 4K animation was shared with the crypto community about the history of money evolution, and the role of Bitcoin and Blockchain as a game changer and beginning of a silent (r)Evolution. But it was also a promotional video for LABITCONF, the main Latin American Bitcoin and Blockchain Conference, so we decided to go deeper about this conference and found out that it’s a kind of outspoken secret among every speaker or participant who attended, that this is one of the very best events out there.


Top Five Bitcoin & Blockchain Conferences To Visit In December 2019

As 2019 is drawing to a close, December offers a number of exciting crypto events around the globe.

It’s never an easy task, but here are the Top 5 conferences to attend this month.


AI & Blockchain Summit: Post-Event Results and Unexpected Outcomes

AI & Blockchain Summit hosted last week by InnMind at Smart City Expo World Congress in Barcelona is recognized as a turning point between dreams and reality, as most startups have commented. The 3-day event turned out to be a complete success not only for young companies, who looked for support, but also for the mature industrial companies and partners, who came there to network. Read more >>>

Bitcoin Mining vs. Video Game Playing: Which Consumes More Electricity in Total?

Much has been said in the past couple of years about the amount of electricity consumed by Bitcoin mining. In fact, negative environmental impact has become one of the go-to talking points for Bitcoin pundits to criticise the digital currency. However, data provided without context can be very misleading, and this is often the case when journalists write about Bitcoin mining. Read more >>>

CoinMarketCap’s The Capital in Singapore: Top 10 Highlights

CoinMarketCap’s inaugural conference, The Capital, took place November 12-13 at the Victoria Theatre in Singapore. In case you weren’t able to come to Singapore, here are the top ten things that happened over the two-day conference. Read more >>>