Local time: Timezone: (UTC+02:00) Central European Summer TimeDate: May 16 2024Time: 09:00 AM - 06:00 PM

Location: Lugano Convention & Exhibition Center, Via Campo Marzio, 6900, Lugano


Decentralized Lugano 2024

Decentralized Lugano 2024 is a one-day event featuring some of our industry’s most talented speakers delving into web3 technology and the future of asset management.

Speakers include:

  • Mark Cachia, Founder & CIO, Scytale Digital
  • Sascha Wullschleger, Head of Wealth Management, BIL Lugano
  • Christoph Kampitsch, CEO, Scytale Digital
  • John Linden, CEO, Mythical Games
  • Paolo Bortolin, Deputy CFO, City of Lugano
  • Vincent Gusdorf, Head of DeFi and Digital Asset Analytics, Moody’s
  • David Newns, CEO, SDX
  • Jan Brzezek, Founder, Crypto Finance
  • Ingo Rübe, Founder, KILT Protocol
  • Lucas Vogelsang, CEO, Centrifuge
  • Matthew Arrow, CEO & Co-founder, Dark Forest
  • Sergio Mottola, Founder & President, Public Pressure
  • Michael Casey, Chief Content Officer, CoinDesk
  • David Tomchak, Founder, Cogency Media

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