ETHRome 2023 — October 6-8, 2023

ETHRome is not your typical hackathon experience, focusing on building long lasting innovative projects with a solid technical foundation.

During the hackathon you will have the opportunity to dive into web3 projects, collaborate, and code alongside like-minded builders, top mentors and founders, all focused on advancing Governance & Privacy in the crypto space.

ETHRome is powered by Urbe.eth, the first web3 community in Italy, consisting of +500 builders actively working in the space. They host Urbe Talks every month, a presentation format with drinks after, as well as weekly live sessions on Twitter with web3 founders.


  • Privacy (Encryption Games)
  • Governance (DAOs & Dragons)

+$70K in Prizes

Side events by Web3Privacy Now, Urbe.eth, Brian AI, and more, offer a dynamic platform for participants, communities, and sponsors to derive additional value and engagement beyond the core hackathon experience.

Venue: Città dell’Altra Economia
Rome, Italy


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