Catholics Are Making Sure They’re Not Left Behind in the Crypto Revolution

Mark Yusko, Laura Shin and Michelle Makori featured presenters at the first-ever crypto conference for Catholics

Philadelphia, PA, September 20, 2022 — The inaugural Catholic Crypto Conference 2022 will be held Thursday, November 17, and Friday, November 18, at the Sheraton Hotel in Valley Forge, Pennsylvania.

More than 25 Catholic and non-Catholic experts in finance, crypto, technology, theology and philosophy will address opportunities and challenges for people of faith. Crypto and finance experts, including renowned investor Mark Yusko, author Laura Shin, crypto commentator Ben Armstrong, co-founder of Famous Foxes, DraxxTS, and Kitco News’s Michelle Makori will present at the conference.

Conceived by Catholic entrepreneur Matthew Pinto, founder of Ascension Press, the conference aims to prominently position Catholic institutions and individuals to leverage these technologies for the common good.

“In the 1990s, Catholic leaders and laity were slow to grasp the potential of the internet and we ended up being late to the game,” Pinto said. “With the advent of blockchain technology, cryptocurrency and Web 3.0, we Catholic leaders once again face the question of how to respond. This conference will help Catholics understand this new tech revolution and equip them to act.”

About one-third of the conference presenters are not Catholic, and people of all faiths, or no faith at all, are welcome, according to conference planners.

“We want the Catholic world to know how powerful blockchain, cryptocurrency, bitcoin, Web 3.0 and the metaverse will likely be. Therefore, we wanted the right presenters, regardless of their faith persuasion.”

Catholic presenters include Fr. Andrew Pinsent, Ph.D., a professor at Oxford University; Dr. Andrew Abela, Dean of the Busch School of Business at Catholic University; and Dr. Stephen Barrows and Michael Matheson Miller of the Acton Institute.

Pinto gathered experts from two seemingly diverse spectrums because he believes the ramifications of blockchain and cryptocurrency technology could usher in great opportunities for Catholics and others concerned about how cultural trends impact faith and family.

“We want to demystify this new technology and explore how it can help the Church in its mission to lead, teach and sanctify,” Pinto said.

The Catholic Crypto Conference 2022 is the commencement of an initiative to further educate and engage a population who might otherwise be suspicious of or even shun technology, seeing it as potentially dangerous to one’s faith. Conference organizers are simultaneously planning post-event endeavors to reach broader audiences. This includes a series of white papers from the conference that will scrutinize and provide solutions, from a Catholic perspective, on these new technologies.

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