Catholic Crypto Conference 2022 — November 17-18, 2022

Catholic Crypto Conference 2022

The Catholic Crypto Conference 2022 brings together Catholic thought leaders, technologists, crypto enthusiasts, and evangelists-at-heart for two full days of seminars, meetups, strategy sessions, networking, and fun.

We aim to help individual Catholics and Church leaders understand the future…today.  The conference is for those both new to crypto and those who are fully immersed in it.

Addressing topics such as blockchain, Bitcoin, Web 3.0, NFTs, and the metaverse, conference speakers will educate on technological developments that will affect Catholics and all of humanity—and then will focus on how they can ultimately serve the Church and the Common Good.

Why Catholics should care…

…because we are our brother’s keeper (Gen 4:9) and called to build up the Kingdom and serve the common good.

…because we are called to claim all things for Christ and sanctify the temporal order.

…because Catholics need to be at the center of the conversation with new technologies or we will forfeit them to those who seek power, mammon, or agendas contrary to the Faith.

…because we are called to be good stewards of our resources.

…because Catholics believe that human ingenuity is often a spark of the Divine.

We Catholics must look at both the opportunities…and limitations.

Topics to be covered

We are partnering with renowned crypto and blockchain subject matter experts to provide information on these new technologies, including where they are headed, and how the Church can benefit.

Not all our speakers are Catholic. They come from varying backgrounds. They were chosen primarily for their technical experience, ability, and vision.

We also invite deeply committed Catholics—theologians, philosophers, and evangelists who love the Lord and the Catholic Church. They will help us connect Catholic teaching with the potential of new technologies.

Small group strategy sessions, networking, and reflection time is strategically woven into the conference, giving attendees opportunities to discuss and process what they’ve heard.

Speakers include:

  • Mark Yusko, CEO & CIO, Morgan Creek Capital Management
  • Laura Shin, Crypto Journalist
  • Fr. Andrew Pinsent, Research Director, Ian Ramsey Centre for Science & Religion at the Faculty of Theology and Religion, University of Oxford
  • Ben ‘BitBoy Crypto’ Armstrong, Founder
  • Stephen P. Barrows, COO, Acton Institute
  • Darren Chiu, Lead of Operations, ALTER
  • Patrick Campos, CSO, Securrency
  • William “Bill” DePasquale, Co-Founder & CEO, Famous Fox Federation
  • Mike Ghen, Cybersecurity Specialist
  • Lisa Hough, VP, Head of Business Development, LevelField Financial
  • John Hrabric, Co-Founder & CIO, FirstWatch Crypto / Windward Fund
  • Deacon Rich Napoli, Software Engineer, Board Member at Health Standards Organization (Canada), Busch School of Business at The Catholic University of America
  • Matthew Pinto, Founder, The Genesis Group, Catholic Crypto Conference
  • William (Bill) Wagner, PhD, Professor, Management Information Systems (MIS) at Villanova University


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