Local time: Timezone: (UTC+08:00) Kuala Lumpur, SingaporeDate: Sep 18 2024Time: 09:00 AM - 06:00 PM

Location: Marina Bay Sands, 10 Bayfront Ave, Singapore


TOKEN2049 Singapore 2024

TOKEN2049 Singapore 2024 is the pre-eminent meeting place for entrepreneurs, institutions, industry insiders, investors, builders, and those with a strong interest in the crypto and blockchain industry.

TOKEN2049 is a global conference series, where the crypto ecosystem’s decision-makers connect to exchange ideas, network, and shape the industry.

Previous editions have been held in leading digital asset capitals – with our latest editions taking place semi-annually in Dubai and Singapore.

Speakers include:

  • Balaji Srinivasan, Founder, Investor, and Author, The Network State
  • Anatoly Yakovenko, Co-Founder, Solana
  • Richard Teng, CEO, Binance
  • Arthur Hayes, CIO, Maelstrom
  • Emad Mostaque, Founder, Schelling AI
  • Edward Snowden, Whistleblower
  • Kyle Samani, Managing Partner, Multicoin Capital
  • Stani Kulechov, Founder & CEO, Avara
  • Jeremy Allaire, Co-Founder, Chairman, & CEO, Circle
  • Olaf Carlson-Wee, Founder, Polychain Capital
  • Rune Christensen, Co-Founder & CEO, MakerDAO
  • Sergey Nazarov, Co-Founder, Chainlink
  • Keone Hon, Co-Founder, Monad
  • Sandeep Nailwal, Co-Founder, Polygon
  • Tim McCourt, Global Head of Financial and OTC Products, CME Group
  • Haider Rafique, CMO, OKX
  • Eric Wall, Co-Founder, Taproot Wizards
  • Nic Carter, General Partner, Castle Island VC
  • Diogo Mónica, General Partner, Haun Ventures
  • Haseeb Qureshi, Managing Partner, Dragonfly
  • Tarun Chitra, Founder & CEO, Gauntlet
  • Guy Young, CEO, Ethena Labs
  • Dovey Wan, Founder, Primitive Ventures
  • Anthony Scaramucci, Founder & Managing Partner, SkyBridge Capital
  • Avichal Garg, Co-Founder & Managing Partner, Electric Capital
  • Alex Svanevik, CEO, Nansen
  • Santiago R Santos, Managing Partner, SRS
  • Evgeny Gaevoy, CEO, Wintermute
  • Mo Shaikh, Co-Founder & CEO, Aptos Labs
  • Ryan Selkis, Founder & CEO, Messari
  • Jules Urbach, Founder, Render Network
  • Charles Hoskinson, CEO, Input Output Group
  • Tom Farley, CEO, Bullish
  • Qiao Wang, Founding Contributor, AllianceDAO
  • Joey Krug, Partner, Founders Fund
  • Min Teo, Managing Partner, Ethereal Ventures
  • Vance Spencer, GP & Co-Founder, Framework Ventures
  • Tristan Yver, Co-Founder, Backpack / Mad Lads
  • YQ Jia, Founder, AltLayer
  • Jake Brukhman, Founder & CEO, CoinFund
  • Tom Schmidt, General Partner, Dragonfly
  • Yat Siu, Co-Founder & Chairman, Animoca Brands
  • Ivo Crnkovic-Rubsamen, CEO, dYdX Trading
  • Joe McCann, Founder, CEO, CIO, Asymmetric
  • Mike Silagadze, CEO,
  • Alexander Pack, Managing Partner, Hack VC
  • Sean Ren, Co-Founder & CEO, Sahara AI
  • David Tse, Co-Founder, Babylon
  • Muneeb Ali, Co-Creator, Stacks
  • Adeniyi Abiodun, Co-Founder & Chief Product Officer, Mysten Labs
  • Arthur Breitman, Co-Founder, Tezos
  • Arthur Cheong, Founder & CIO, DeFiance Capital
  • Zaki Manian, Co-Founder, Sommelier
  • Giovanni Vicioso, Global Head of Cryptocurrency Products, CME Group
  • TN Lee, CEO, Pendle
  • Marek Olszewski, CEO, Celo
  • Aleksander Leonard Larsen, Co-Founder, Chairman, & COO, Axie Infinity
  • Nick van Eck, CEO, Agora
  • Michael Gronager, Co-Founder & CEO, Chainalysis
  • Sandy Peng, Co-Founder, Scroll
  • Abhay Kumar, CEO, Helium Foundation
  • Greg Osuri, Founder, Akash Network; CEO, Overclock Labs
  • Alex Kruger, Founder, Asgard
  • Jamie Burke, Chairman & Founder, Outlier Ventures
  • Armani Ferrante, Co-Founder & CEO, Backpack / Mad Lads
  • Jeff Feng, Co-Founder, Sei
  • Kelvin Koh, Co-Founder & CIO, Spartan Group
  • Carlos Domingo, Co-Founder & CEO, Securitize
  • Paul Brody, Global Blockchain Leader, EY
  • Robbie Ferguson, Co-Founder & President, Immutable
  • Ido Ben-Nathan, Co-Founder & CEO, Blockaid
  • Emma Cui, Founder & Managing Partner, LongHash Ventures
  • Mats Julian Olsen, Co-Founder & CTO, Dune
  • Ben Rodriguez, Senior Protocol Specialist, Coinbase
  • Alex Skidanov, Co-Founder, NEAR AI
  • Bill Barhydt, CEO, Abra
  • Eli Ben-Sasson, Co-Founder & CEO, StarkWare
  • Henri Arslanian, Co-Founder, Nine Blocks Capital Management
  • Michael Anderson, GP & Co-Founder, Framework Ventures
  • Shuyao Kong, Co-Founder, MegaETH
  • Zhuoxun Yin, Chief Operating Officer, Magic Eden
  • Miguel Morel, Co-Founder & CEO, Arkham
  • Perianne Boring, Founder & CEO, The Digital Chamber
  • Dan Tapiero, Founder/CEO/CIO at 1RoundTable Partners / 10T Holdings

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