Telegram Chatbot, The Safest Way for Crypto Trade Execution

The Telegram app is definitely one of the most secure messaging platforms globally. But what that means is that even the bad guys are (relatively) “safe”. And this is exactly why there are many scams conducted via secure messaging systems, not just Telegram…

November 11, 2020
by PalmaBot

What if I told you that there exists a super reliable, multi-exchange data processing platform? And that their high-security standards by design (by Sun Tzu for example), provide users to have full control at their fingertips. One way to access such a platform is via https based protocol (like TradingView) aka. via web-browser. Where the other possible access is via a chatbot (like PalmaBot) on any messenger platform that supports chatbot apps.

From the security point of view, you are very vulnerable only to the ones they want to hack you. However, if you don’t listen (/read) to anybody and don’t open any unknown data sources, then you are very safe! As safe as it gets! Same as if you would be doing it via your personal web-browser. The only difference is that via web-browser the advertising sector knows you better than your mother. Whereas via messaging apps you are completely anonymous if you want to be.

And what does that mean for a user?

  • There is no sign-in required;
  • No users’ data is stored on servers (API keys on user’s device);
  • Nobody knows who you are – if you don’t want to;
  • The chatbot does exactly what you tell him to do;
  • Nobody else can tell your chatbot what it should do.

Isn’t that way closer and more intuitive than https? It is not about the messaging app anymore – it is about what is behind! In this case, you need to see Telegram only as a secure way of transferring information between users and the real-time trade execution platform, or maybe the real-time signaling chatbot, whatever.

One such amazing chatbot that we are featuring on our event schedule is PalmaBot with this year’s annual event on the 17th of November at 5 PM CET, the Official Launch of PalmaExecutor. There, many experts will be meeting ONLINE – with market leaders like TradingView, Bitstamp, and CoinMarketAlert – for a live discussion on how crypto tools can be used, and together showcase some platforms including CoinMarketAlert, TradingView, and others.

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