PalmaReloaded: Official Launch of PalmaExecutor

Many times a great idea is born. Then, sometimes this idea grows into a product. And in some really rare cases, it even changes the industry. Today Palmabot, a Slovenian / German cryptocurrency startup behind the Telegram-based digital assets management tool PalmaBot, is presenting a product that is changing the trading industry: the missing link between trading systems and exchanges, real-time trade execution platform, PalmaExecutor.

And this is why Palmabot would like to invite you to PalmaReloaded, their annual trade-show event, where they will:

  • Showcase alert-driven trading strategies on several trading systems and exchanges,
  • All connected with a single-click predefined trade executor, PalmaExecutor!
  • And feature many eminent speakers from the crypto space or connected to it, including educational and institutional sectors!

SPECIAL NOTICE for all visitors to the event!

All speakers and partners of PalmaReloaded event are preparing Good-e-Bag for you! All intended to make your trading experience even more fun and easier to engage with.

Presents from the Good-e-Bag will be delivered to you at the event. Get ready for some surprises!

There are many reasons why we call blockchain a revolution – since Satoshi’s Bitcoin Whitepaper publication for the first time in human history banks are no longer needed to be able to transfer money.

On the other hand, digitalization and decentralized technologies are bringing so many changes to our workflows and user experiences. So, the way how we are using and dealing with tools and products/services is still changing rapidly and it looks like it even didn’t start for real.

But what happened really in the crypto industry? We know we have many trading platforms and exchanges that are today accessible to anybody globally! Yet, there was this one missing link! The connection between alert driven trading systems and crypto exchanges. The reason why many crypto pro traders are still using brokerage houses’ software. Alert Driven, mobile-first real-time, Trade Execution!

PalmaExecutor provides the final missing piece of the trading system puzzle – a trade executor that can be easily webhook-ed up to awesome services that automate work for you and provide you with the freedom of moving around, in real-time! is pioneering the alert system – with the various combinations you can be sure you will not miss any happenings, as well as exclusive news and market overview alerts (which I find amazing!). provides a real-time market overview, including some advanced pointers, and is automating the pattern search for many trading pairs and exchanges.

And last but not least, the mighty TradingView, showing us all how much can be done in the trading space by providing a social platform for trading information exchange. Charting tools for technical analysis, and a sophisticated PINE script programming language-driven platform, provides anybody to create their own indicator or strategy.

And today, all above mentioned trading systems can be easily web-hooked up to PalmaExecutor. Execute trades as soon as the alert notification arrives, with a single click, or even automate on over 40 exchanges (and counting).

Create your alerts, strategies, and indicators with preset single click order placement and then go to Palma on Telegram and write to it /xc to get your connection string.

For more insights, come to Palmabot’s showcase event PalmaReloaded, the official launch of PalmaExecutor on Tuesday the 17th of November 2020. See more info about speakers and program for this exclusive online trading event. Welcome!

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