Local time: Timezone: (UTC+01:00) Central Europe Standard TimeDate: Sep 19 2024Time: 09:00 AM - 06:00 PM

Location: Lx Factory, Lisbon


sub0 Europe 2023 – The Polkadot Developer Conference

The sub0 Europe 2023 conference is the developer-focused event aiming to become a hub of innovation, collaboration, and knowledge-sharing within the Polkadot ecosystem.

The conference welcomes all attendees of all knowledge levels – including experienced blockchain developers and engineers, Rust developers interested in blockchain technology and Web3, dapp & smart contract builders, technical decision makers, students, and developers new to Web3 – regardless of their familiarity or involvement with the Polkadot ecosystem.

Sub0 Europe 2023 will take place on September 19-20 at Lx Factory – a historical industrial complex and creative center in Lisbon’s thriving Alcântara neighborhood.

Speakers include:

  • Rob Habermeier, Founder, Parity Technologies
  • Adam Nagy, CEO, Moonsama
  • Alberto Viera, Developer Relations, Moonbeam
  • Seraya Takahashi, Grants Evaluator, Web3 Foundation
  • Seun Lanlege, Founder & Mad Scientist, Polytope Labs
  • David Pethes, Head Ambassador, Polkadot
  • Sophia Gold, Engineering Lead, Parity Technologies
  • Tadej Vengust, CTO, Apillon
  • Thibaut Sardan, Developper, Chainsafe
  • Viktor Valastin, Co-founder, KodaDot
  • Alex Siman, Founder, Subsocial
  • Ammar Brohi, Head of Engineering, StellaSwap
  • Antonio Antonino, Software Engineer, KILT Protocol

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