Community Meetups

August 2022

ONLINE  Sunshine Coast Blockchain Meetup
🇦🇺 August 9, 2022 // Sunshine Coast, Australia

ONLINE  London Bitcoin Space @ The Old Bank Of England
🇬🇧 August 9, 2022 // London, UK

ONLINE  Southcoast Blockchain, Crypto, NFT’s and Metaverse Open Forum
🇬🇧 August 9, 2022 // Bournemouth, UK

VisionsDao Exits Stealth Mode to Presents a Modular Stack for GameFi

Lawrence Dallaglio Appointed Strategic Global Advisor for Caduceus to Bring Sport into the Metaverse

Hashstack Announces Switch to Starknet

Impel Adds Bitcoin to ISO 20022 Financial Messaging on XDC Network

BinaryX Releases RhinoX Whitepaper Detailing New Key Features of its Ecosystem

Open Loot Announces Partnership with Hit Factor’s War Park

MasRelic – DeFi and Synthetic Real Estate Platform Launched Its New Relic Token on the Ethereum Blockchain

DeFi Project ChangeX Launches its CHANGE token on Uniswap, HydraDEX to Strong Investor Interest

World’s Largest Metaverse Builder Community SandStorm Launches Build Proposals for Brands

PolkaFantasy’s New NFT Marketplace aimée Features Exclusive Collection from Mega Man’s “Beastroid”

Big Time Studios Announces OPEN LOOT Platform and Gaming Fund

TRON DAO Announces New Grants Program to Foster Growth of Overall Ecosystem

Caduceus Partners with Lord Botham to Launch Cricket into the Metaverse

Israeli Team Finest Expand eSports Collaboration to Tezos NFT’s and Blockchain Adoption

Asia-Focused Multi-Currency Stablecoin Protocol Bluejay Finance Raises $2.9M in Funding

SIMBA Chain and Equideum Health Announce Partnership To Build Web3 Health Data Exchange

artèQ (ARTEQ) Announces First Centralized Exchange Listing on BitMart

Ankr Unveils Its Biggest Upgrade, Ankr Network 2.0, to Truly Decentralize Web3’s Foundational Layer

NEOPIN Signs Strategic Partnership with Cube Entertainment

Algorand Foundation Appoints John Woods as Chief Technology Officer


IN PERSON  Boston Bitcoin Meetup
🇺🇸 August 9, 2022 //  Boston, MA, USA

ONLINE  London Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency Meetup
🇨🇦 August 9, 2022 // London, ON, Canada

IN PERSON  Austin Bitcoin Club
🇺🇸 August 9, 2022  // Austin, TX USA

ONLINE  Austin Bitcoin Meetup
🇺🇸 August 9, 2022 // Austin, TX, USA

ONLINE  CryptoHouse Meetup Group: Learn to Invest in DeFi
🇺🇸 August 9, 2022 // San Antonio, TX, USA

IN PERSON  Fort Bitcoin feat. The Beef Initiative
🇺🇸 August 9, 2022 // Fort Worth, TX, USA

IN PERSON  Tokyo Bitcoin Cash Meetup
🇯🇵 August 10, 2022 // Tokyo, Japan

IN PERSON  Bitcoin Zürich Meetup
🇨🇭 August 10, 2022  // Zürich, Switzerland

IN PERSON  Based in Lisbon — Degens Hangout
🇵🇹 August 10, 2022 // Lisbon, Portugal

IN PERSON  New York Bitcoin Meetup Group Happy Hour & Networking
🇺🇸 August 10, 2022 //  New York, NY, USA

ONLINE  Blockchain, Crypto & Web3.0 London Metaverse Meetup
🇬🇧 August 11, 2022 // London, UK

IN PERSON  Cambridge Bitcoin Meetup
🇬🇧 August 11, 2022 // Cambridge, UK

ONLINE  NFTs, Cryptos, Web3.0, DAOs and Metaverse Meetup
🇨🇦 August 11, 2022 // Niagara Falls, ON, Canada

IN PERSON  Tampa Bay Bitcoin Social Meetup
🇺🇸 August 11, 2022 // Tampa, FL, USA

IN PERSON  Round Rock Bitcoiners Meetup
🇺🇸 August 11, 2022 // Round Rock, TX, USA

IN PERSON  Cryptorado Community Gathering
🇺🇸 August 11, 2022 // Denver, CO, USA

IN PERSON  San Diego Bitcoiners Meetup
🇺🇸 August 11, 2022  // San Diego, CA, USA

IN PERSON  Crypto Friday at The Block Lisboa
🇵🇹 August 12, 2022 // Lisbon, Portugal

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