Legendary Investor Tim Draper’s AI Hologram Will Take your Questions Now

October 25, 2021 — Tim Draper, who is known as “The Riskmaster,” will be delivering a keynote Q&A at Miami Crypto Experience’s second annual event dedicated to Crypto and Blockchain education and networking.

The twist is he’ll be answering questions and sharing his wisdom through StoryFile, the AI-powered conversational video platform that will be presented in a PORTL hologram device – the first public presentation of the two new technologies working in sync.

Miami Crypto Experience runs from November 10th to the 12th at the James L. Knight Center in Miami, Florida, with Draper’s keynote on November 11th.

Tim Draper is a busy man. As one of the most recognized and successful investors in Silicon Valley, his time is always in extremely high demand. With 600 active investments across tech and crypto, Tim’s wealth of knowledge and experience is a coveted resource. Enter a way for him to visit all of his regional HQs and wherever else he wants to be all at once, and to actually interact with people with real presence and share the full depth of his experience and knowledge, even while he sleeps.

Draper’s StoryFile is the real thing – sharing his story and experience in his voice, while being displayed in 3D holographic form. People will be able to speak with Draper’s StoryFile and have a real-time conversation.

“I am thrilled. As an investor in PORTL, as a StoryFile story, and a Bitcoin devotee this is a perfect storm to do something impactful,” said Tim Draper. “For this to be launched at the Miami Crypto conference and for me to be able to deliver an interactive keynote without actually being there…this is REALLY BIG!”

StoryFile invented AI-powered interactive conversational video, allowing users to have meaningful interactions with those who may not be available to them, anytime, and far into the future.

A StoryFile made of William Shatner, who also became an investor in the company, was just released to the public, and the at-home version of the same technology, StoryFile Life, was just launched. Draper answered hundreds of questions in the studio and then was transformed into his own StoryFile.

StoryFile’s proprietary technology pairs the pre-recorded answers to any questions that are asked in the future, allowing for a conversation to occur in real-time.

The Tim Draper StoryFile will debut live on-stage in a PORTL, presenting him in volumetric 4K that is indistinguishable from real-life.

PORTL is capable of holoporting people from anywhere on earth for live interactions with real presence, and is quickly becoming the ultimate way to showcase NFTs — recently for Christie’s, amfAR, NBA champion Danny Green, and artist / crypto-influencer Nicole Buffett.

Tickets to Miami Crypto Experience are currently available for $349 and include a limited edition NFT ticket designed by prominent Miami Artists. Buy now at http://expcrypto.io

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