Global Online Investor Roadshow | July 20-23, 2020


In respond to the new challenges presented by COVID-19, Global Online Investor Roadshow (GOIR) is the next generation, institutional scale, online private placement platform for private equity, alternative investment, and digital asset opportunities.

GOIR is the biggest online investor event of its kind, with the broadest reach, spanning thirty (30) countries in fifteen (15) languages. The main objective of GOIR is to allow its carefully curated investor community gain priority access to exclusive global private investment opportunities on special favorable terms.

Global Online Investor Roadshow July 2020 is Official Side Event of
Singapore Blockchain Week

The schedule of the four (4) online sessions from July 20th to 23rd, covering (4) regions and multiple countries in the worldwide market, is as below:

Keynote Speakers for Each of Four Different Regional Sessions

July 20th (Mon) 3-6 pm @ London

  • Regional Host: Dietmar Ferber, Managing Partner of Coinstreet-Germany
  • Keynote Speaker: Pantelis Margaroni, VP Private Banker
  • Investment Panelist: Jean Claude, President and CEO of Alfa Treuhand- und Revisions AG

July 21st (Tue) 3-6 pm @ Dubai

  • Regional Host: Irina Cooper, Managing Partner of Innovo Capital
  • Keynote Speaker: Jorge Sebastiao, CTO, Advisor, Board Member
  • Investment Panelist: Sahil Verma, International Lawyer

July 22nd (Wed) 2-5 pm @ Singapore

  • Regional Host: James Yellowlees, CEO of Pacifica
  • Keynote Speaker: Glenn Woo, Managing Director, Head of APAC of Ledger
  • Investment Panelist: David Ogilvy, Senior Product Manager of SBI Security Solutions (Tokyo)

July 23rd (Thur) 3-6 pm @ New York

  • Regional Host: Silvio Pupo, Director of Logos Capital
  • Keynote Speaker: Mark W. Yusko, CEO & Chief Investment Officer of Morgan Creek
  • Investment Panelist: Scott Christensen, Managing Partner of Coinstreet-USA

Presenting Projects for All Four Regional Sessions: 

American Pacific Bancorp (APB) is a bank holding company, focused on acquiring controlling equity positions of commercial bank(s) in the United States. APB will inject digital banking capabilities into the banks to provide global banking services to global clients, increasing profitability. APB is offering a unit deal to purchase a Class A common share with a bonus Perpetual Preferred Stocked. APB is targeting to go public by the end of the year, with a firm commitment from investment banks to underwriting the public offering.

GSX Group is building a globally interoperable trading system, delivering a paradigm shift in securities trading and settlement efficiency through our proprietary blockchain CSD. The GSX Group combines the roles of the exchange, settlement system and CSD, thereby significantly reducing the overall costs of financial markets to the benefit of investors, issuers and financial institutions.

IMIGIZE made the concept of “shoe size” irrelevant for shopping. Now every customer can create 3D model of their feet using smartphone, and then confidently buy the right by size comfortable shoes in the on-line store connected to our service. Imigize now raising fund to open its Сenters of Measurement in places of global footwear production for fulfilling commercial contracts with global manufacturers and retailers of footwear such as OTTO Group, Ecco, Deichmann, Riecker, New Balance, Geox, Timberlands etc.

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