Canadian Bitcoin Conference 2023 — June 17-18, 2023

The inaugural Canadian Bitcoin Conference is a place to celebrate the ideas, concepts, principles and technologies that make up the Bitcoin community.

The focus will be on the Canadian marketplace, including real estate, gold and silver, and the impact all of this will have on the future–for everyone.

During the sessions, you’ll hear from industry leaders, then have the chance to network with other like-minded Bitcoiners.

Speakers include:

  • Frank Holmes, Executive Chairman, HIVE Blockchain Technologies
  • David St-Onge, Author of Bitcoin: Everything you need to know
  • Daniel Foch, RARE Real Estate Inc.
  • Ben Perrin, BTC Sessions
  • Karadza Brothers, Founders, Rock Star Real Estate Inc.
  • Greg Foss, Power Development/ Bitcoin Strategist
  • Ben Lobb, MP, Huron/Bruce
  • Brad Mills, Host, Magic Internet Money Podcast
  • Tomer Strolight, Writer; Editor-in-Chief, Swan Bitcoin
  • Daniela Cambone, Executive Producer, The Daniela Cambone Show
  • Francis Pouliot, CEO, Bull Bitcoin
  • Derek Ross, Nostr Plebs
  • Carlo Campisi, Communications & Policy Manager, Shakepay

Venue: Chelsea Hotel
Toronto, ON


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