Shop Till You Drop, And Get Paid Too! Bitrefill’s Dream ‘Shopaholic’ Crypto Job Goes Viral

Bitrefill, the trailblazing company making it simpler to live on cryptocurrency, has announced a unique job position that has captured the imagination of thousands: the Shopaholic. This unprecedented role has gone viral, drawing in over several thousand applicants in the first 24 hours, underscoring the immense excitement surrounding this opportunity.

Sergej Kotliar, the CEO of Bitrefill, expressed his astonishment at the overwhelming response, saying, “Since we are launching a new payment card soon, it felt natural to reach out to our users to help us try it. Never could we have imagined a response like this!”

The successful candidate will not only bask in the luxury of a generous salary and free accommodation in a lavish hotel but will also undertake the seemingly delightful task of “buying things and keeping them.”​

This opening is part of Bitrefill’s innovative approach to launching their new crypto payment card. The company, renowned for enabling users to buy digital gift cards, mobile refills, and even pay bills with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, sees this role as a critical step in testing their latest product. Bitrefill’s mission is to bridge the gap between cryptocurrencies and everyday use, offering a user-friendly platform where customers worldwide can enjoy the convenience of digital currencies for real-world transactions​​.

“We need experienced shoppers to test our new crypto card,” reads the company’s post. “As Shopaholic at Bitrefill, your mission is to irresponsibly shop in cities like Barcelona and Milan using our soon-to-launch card in as many different circumstances as possible: food, hotels, tech, clothes, and more!”

Adding an enticing layer to this remarkable opportunity, Bitrefill ensures that the appointed Shopaholic will benefit from an array of premium perks. The role boasts flexible working hours, providing the chosen candidate with the freedom to shop at their own pace and on their own schedule.

Moreover, all expenses related to hotels and travel will be covered by Bitrefill, removing any financial burdens and making this experience as enjoyable and carefree as possible. To top it all off, the Shopaholic will receive a daily salary of €1,000, in addition to a generous shopping budget of €5,000, further sweetening the deal. The initial contract offers at least two days of this dream job, with a potential extension, opening the doors to an unforgettable adventure of shopping and exploration, all while contributing to the improvement of Bitrefill’s pioneering crypto payment card.

The announcement of Bitrefill’s “Shopaholic” job has unleashed a torrent of enthusiasm and disbelief across the Crypto Twitter — ranging from sheer incredulity to an eager rush to apply, the reaction spectrum is vast.

Notably, the Shopaholic job seems to be more than just a quirky opportunity, representing Bitrefill’s commitment to testing and improving the company’s services in real-world scenarios. This also offers a glimpse into a future where digital currency is as commonplace and easy to use as traditional money.

With a focus on a wide range of services including mobile top-ups, digital gift cards, and now the Bitrefill card, the company is steadily onboarding individuals from a waitlist—already over 17,000 strong.

For those looking to dive into the world of cryptocurrency use in everyday life, Bitrefill stands at the forefront, paving the way with innovative solutions and now, with the Shopaholic role, adding a bit of fun to the mix.

The Bitrefill crypto card allows you to pay for everyday purchases with cryptocurrency, offering benefits like spending up to 15,000 EUR/month with competitive exchange rates. This card can be used in various countries and has different limits based on your level of identity verification, with no monthly usage fee. You can top up the card with EUR using various cryptocurrencies like BTC, ETH, USDC, USDT, BNB, and more, with zero hidden fees. The card is free to own, and you only pay minor conversion fees when topping up.

To learn more about Bitrefill and explore their wide range of services, visit their official website