Block O2O Global Virtual Summit 2020 Highlights

Good times fly so fast! Annual Hong Kong Blockchain Week’s Global Block O2O Summit, which in 2020-style took place in an absolutely safe yet very educational and convenient digital format, has just come to an end. 20+ panels, 20+ keynote speeches, 100+ speakers from literally every part of the world converged for Hong Kong’s main virtual blockchain conference.

November 19, 2020
by Nexchange / Hong Kong Blockchain Week’

The time difference here makes no difference: attendees can watch the top-tier exclusive content from wherever they’re based, as all videos are still available on demand.

Here are some amazing highlights of the core summit day:

Hong Kong’s administration develops an intact and diverse RegTech system in the region, with the help of the private sector, and builds a real life smart city with unique technology and business ecosystem.


For a scrutinized overview of the regulation worldwide – check out the Regulatory Talk.


What’s on the tech agenda? Creating an open financial system, ensuring a proper smart contract language, as well as a smart blockchain ecosystem, together with Tezos protocol.


Tezos becomes one of the first networks in the batch of public blockchains to be integrated into the Blockchain-based Services Network (BSN) in China. Сheck out a unique explanation of how BSN really works from the network’s and Tezos executives, prospects of CBDCs, and why a media fueled battle between permissioned and permissionless blockchains will conclude in a tech consensus.


Latest news from the TRON founder Justin Sun, and 2021 predictions from CEO of IOHK, Charles Hoskinson – both in engaging fireside chat format.


Digital assets and institutional FOMO expressed in a strong digital transformation narrative: governments are adopting “smart states” concepts, while implementing big data and AI in the Middle East, Asia, the US, and more.


Access to greater liquidity? Big companies like Square are putting Bitcoin to balance sheets and start accumulating digital assets which open big perspectives for open finance – Dan Morehead, CEO & CO-CIO of Pantera Capital confirms.


Global law powerhouse DLA Piper has launched TOKO. Created in collaboration with Aldersgate DLS, it’s a unique asset tokenisation engine which provides smart contract functionality and digital asset creation functionality and assurance.


DeFi space surges in volume, and takes a huge chunk of time & conversations at Hong Kong Blockchain Week: is DeFi a Wild West, is it a serious contrary to CeFi, or is it a bumpy way to create a new hybrid fintech model with decentralized nature: learn from Yat Siu, CEO of Outblazed, and industry experts on a panel hosted by Hong Kong’s main tech hub Cyberport.


Another important aspect of both blockchain as a technology and DeFi in a form of NFT tokens is social impact: watch how blockchain does good, how Japan accelerates charity with tokens, and how Africa adopts FinTech.


CBDCs were mentioned in almost every talk of the day! Truly a great perspective with DC/EP pioneering the space and adopting for testing in the Greater Bay Area by 2022, and ECB’s chasing a digital euro.


In the evening of November 18th, the HK Blockchain Week’s virtual platform hosted the very first international awards for tokenized assets and digitised securities – TADS AWARDS. The honorary awards were granted for those who have truly made a breakthrough and set up high standards in the space.