Asian-Pacific Meta Universe New Era Summit – The Countdown Begins

December 29, 2021 — Asia Metaverse New Era Summit will be held on January 12, 2022 in Shanghai, China, with theme of “The Third Space of Business and Life”.

Hosted by Global CC, the summit will bring together 300 domestic and international tourism, real estate, museum, shopping malls, colleges and universities, pan-entertainment and other scene organizations and technology majors to discuss the new technology experience and new development opportunities brought by virtual and reality technologies – AR/VR/XR/MR, virtual characters, holographic projection/immersion, artificial intelligence and cloud computing technologies.

With the theme of “The Third Space of Business and Life”, the summit invited distinguished guests in the field of metaverse to create a main forum with the theme of “Metaverse, the New Era of Web3 Era”; two sub-forums with the theme of “MetaTech MetaTech: Empowering the Future with Technology Innovation” and “The New Form of Social Life in MetaSocities.”

In addition, the summit features an immersive virtual conference space in Silicon Valley, seamless offline and online links, black technology experience pavilion, MetaShow MetaSocities Roadshow, and the MetaSocities Roadshow. MetaShow MetaSocities Enterprise Roadshow, MetaJoy MetaSocities Night, and other unique MetaSocities experiences!

At present, the conference has entered the countdown stage, with featured speakers including:

  • Jianrong Tao, NetEase, Game AI leader of Fuxi
  • Michael Mumola, Co-Host of Bloomberg TV’s Office Hours,Founder of Mediabundance,
  • Yat Siu, Co-founder & Executive Chairman, Animoca Brands
  • Qinfen Zhou, General Manager of XR Products, ZTE Corporation
  • Nina Luan, Vice President of Mobile Intelligence Group, SenseTime
  • Kevin, General Manager of Metaverse Division, ZQGame
  • January Barnes, Founder/Tech Reporter ParlayMe
  • Jure Zih, Founder, Sway Social
  • Sean, Co-Founder, Rp1
  • Ori Levi, CEO, NFTrade
  • Tim Shi PhD, China leader of Strategy, Marketing, and Ecosystem, Imagination Technologies
  • Witek Radomski, CTO, Enjin,
  • Alex Blagirev, Deputy CEO, Sensorium
  • Zikang Liang, Co-Founder & CEO, Gen One Technology
  • Kimkind Yeung, SVP of Product and Technology, Sandbox VR
  • Marisa Lam, Head of Marketing and Communications, OliveX
  • Rong Kong, Chief of Global Technology, Head of Overseas Group, TF International Securities
  • Sergey Kiselev, CEO, VR Next
  • Qiang Zhu, Vice President, JoYu Group
  • Chao Qin, Head of Blockchain, AI, IMS Group
  • Si Yang, General Manager, D6 VR (The Glimpse Group)
  • Gregory Gettinger, CEO, VR Motion
  • Greg Wong, CEO, Subgame
  • Luke Horsfall, CEO, HRS & Metaverse Media
  • Eiji Araki, CEO, REALITY, Inc.
  • Miles Anthony, Founder, Decentral Games
  • Sam Hamilton, Community and Events Lead, Decentraland
  • Dirk Lueth, Co-Founder, Uplandme

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