Wyoming Blockchain Stampede 2022 — September 19-23, 2022

Wyoming Blockchain Stampede 2022

Celebrating its fifth anniversary, the 2022 Wyoming Blockchain Stampede, will be held September 19-23, featuring the WyoHackathon and the Wyoming Cybersecurity Conference.

The Stampede, sponsored by the UW Center for Blockchain and Digital Innovation (CBDI), features speakers, panels and events exploring the next generation of digital assists, blockchain-related startups, educational programs, financial and regulatory issues, digital identity, state and federal legislation, and cybersecurity and digital identity.

The 2022 WyoHackathon will start ahead of the Stampede on Friday, Sept 9. Operated by Rensa Games, it will be online with winners announced at the end of the Stampede. This year’s competition length will allow for more participants from UW and around the world to be involved, and more time for them to meet challenges for rewards offered by blockchain-related businesses.

This year’s event includes the annual Wyoming Cybersecurity Conference presented by the nonprofit the CyberWyoming Alliance (CWA) on Friday, Sept. 23. “It’s About Identity” is the theme for this year’s conference with speakers and panels examining issues involving digital identity.

Speakers include:

  • Ángela Álvarez, Founder & CEO, Action Monkey
  • Anthony Apollo, CEO, Rensa Games
  • Benjamin Kushner, Workforce Analyst, ICF
  • Dallas Lain, Senior Counsel, Crowley & Fleck Attorneys
  • Elizabeth Hinz, Trust Officer, SAFE Trust Company
  • Erik Huffman, Founder, Handshake Leadership
  • Gregory White, Professor and Director, UTSA
  • Ian Lee, Team Lead, Partnership and Strategic Accounts, Merkle Science
  • Todd Ziegler, CEO & Founder, Truckcoinswap
  • Jae Yang, Founder & CEO, Tacen, Inc.
  • Jeremy Nau, Director, Crypto / Digital Assets Engagement Manager, Trust Explorer
  • Julie Fellows, Senior Executive, BankWyse
  • Justin Newton, CEO, Netki
  • Laura Baker, Co-Founder & Executive Director, CyberWyoming
  • Sam Whitaker, CEO, Hold on Development Labs

Venue: University of Wyoming Conference Center
Laramie, Wyoming, USA

Website: https://www.fbcinc.com/e/wyblockchainstampede/default.aspx

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