Local time: Timezone: (UTC+02:00) Central European Summer TimeDate: Jul 08 2024Time: 02:00 PM - 06:00 PM

Location: Le Phare du Kanaal, Quai des Charbonnages 40, 1080 Molenbeek-Saint-Jean, Brussels


Urbe Campus Powered by BASE @ EthCC 7 Brussels

​​Urbe Campus is a 4-day bootcamp within Urbe House where students and beginner developers will be able to go from zero to hero with their Web3 development skills. This event will not only cover the basics of solidity syntax, tooling setup, and dApps development, but also how to integrate the technologies developed on the Base L2 network.

Urbe Campus will enable participants to gain hands-on experience and deeper technical insights, optimizing their readiness and impact during the ETHGlobal hackathon.

​​Urbe Campus is completely FREE and powered by Base, with the support of XMTP, Dynamic, POAP and Talent Protocol.


  • ​​July 8th (2-6pm)
    • ​Introduction to Ethereum and EVM environments
    • ​Introduction to Base
    • ​Development Kit HardHat / Foundry
    • ​Introduction to Solidity
  • ​​July 9th (2-6pm)
    • ​Solidity: Storage, Arrays, Mappings, Structs, Imports, Accounts, Function calls, Control Structures and Error handling
    • ​Building Tokens with OpenZeppelin Contracts  (ERC20, ERC721)
    • ​Hardhat Scripts and Testing
    • ​Deploying to Testnet
  • ​​July 10th (2-6pm)
    • ​Onchain App Development (Frontend) – ScaffoldETH x Base
    • ​Frontend Setup
    • ​Connecting to Blockchain, Using Viem and Wagmi
    • ​Reading and Displaying Data
    • ​Writing to Contracts
    • ​Building a dApp with Scaffold-Base (Scaffold-ETH)
  • ​​July 11th (2-6pm)
    • ​Step by step on solving Speedrun Ethereum Challenge 1 using Scaffold ETH 2
    • ​Onboarding on Base with Dynamic
    • ​Account Abstraction on Base (Coinbase Smart Wallet)
    • ​Building Group Chats with XMTP

​​Enjoy free coffee & tea during each bootcamp day!

​​Pre-reading list 📚

Urbe Campus will be hosted in Urbe House, a venue filled with some of the best builders visiting Brussels during the ETHCC week, brought to you by urbe.eth, the Italian community for Web3 builders.

This is a side event for the Ethereum Community Conference 7 (EthCC) in Brussels.

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