PlasmaCon 2024


PlasmaCon 2024 is the first Plasma community conference exploring alternative methods for scaling Ethereum, privacy solutions, statelessness, and many more fascinating topics. Plasma was the most discussed scalability solution for Ethereum in 2017. However, it was considered technically challenging and was eventually forgotten. But Plasma remains an “ideal.” In 2024, we will complete Plasma. At […]

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Bitcoin & Open Blockchain San Diego – Exploring a Bitcoin Layer 2 (L2) Financial System

San Diego, CA

Join Bitcoin & Open Blockchain San Diego for an insightful evening featuring David Seroy, the Growth & Strategy leader at Alpen Labs. David brings a wealth of experience from his time as the founder of Old North Capital, a private money fund acquired in 2021. Now at the forefront of innovation at Alpen Labs, David […]

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Xterio to Launch Gaming-Oriented Blockchain in Collaboration with AltLayer, aiming for Wider Web3 Gaming Adoption

Singapore, April 4th, 2024, Chainwire – Xterio, a leading Web3 gaming publisher and platform, and AltLayer, an open and decentralized protocol for launching native and ZK rollup stacks, have announced the launch of a game-focused restaked rollup designed specifically for Web3 games. Xterio is a Web3 gaming ecosystem & infrastructure, distinguishing itself as a gaming publisher […]


Starknet London Meetup #15 – Starkpilled Soirée


🌟 Starknet London Meetup #15 – Starkpilled Soirée Join the London Stark family for an exceptional evening amidst the week’s crypto buzz! Engage directly with the minds behind Starknet, Argent, and Nethermind, and fellow friends shaping the future of Starknet. Enjoy a night rich with meaningful conversations, drinks, and nibbles in the heart of London’s […]

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Starknet Germany – Cairo Applied in Financial dApps


Join Starknet Germany for the 3rd workshop of 2024! Delve into the fascinating world of Cairo, a cutting-edge Rust-like language empowered by zk STARKs, and explore its pivotal role in the layer 2 validity rollup, Starknet, revolutionizing Ethereum scalability. This workshop goes beyond the basics, offering a deep dive into Cairo’s unique features and providing […]

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Starknet London Meetup #14: Cairo Lang Workshop


🌟 Starknet London Meetup #14: Cairo Lang Workshop Electric Capital’s latest crypto developer report reveals Starknet as the fastest-growing ecosystem by overall monthly devs 🚀 Join our London Cairo community and find out why so many of us are head down building on Starknet! In the February edition, we welcome back Robert Kodra, Starknet Foundation’s developer advocate, as our guest speaker! […]

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Ethereum Engineering Group – Fair Sequencing for Rollups


Welcome to the Ethereum Engineering Group. Dr Franck Cassez will talk about his team’s research into “fair sequencing” for ZK Rollups. 📅 Wednesday, March 20, 2024 🕔 Time: 12:30 PM – 2:00 PM AEST 📍 Zoom call Join the call ✨ Ethereum Engineering Group is a meetup for software engineers, computer scientists, researchers, and technologists […]

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Ethereum Engineering Group – Decentralized Sequencer Friendly Consensus Algorithms for ZK Rollups


Welcome to the Ethereum Engineering Group. In this talk Peter Robinson will present his thoughts on the requirements of a consensus algorithm to be used as part of a decentralized sequencer for ZK Rollups. ZK Rollups, short for zero-knowledge rollups, are a layer-2 scaling solution for blockchains, such as Ethereum. They move the computation and […]

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Starknet London Meetup #13 – Cairo Lang Workshop


🌟 Starknet London Meetup #13: Cairo Lang Workshop The global Cairo developer community is growing at a fast pace 🚀 No better time to learn how to build on Starknet! We are kicking off this year’s workshops with a guest speaker from the Starknet Foundation: Robert Kodra. Workshop details 🔒 Prepare to learn all about how to test your […]

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Starknet London Meetup

  London, United Kingdom Starknet London Meetup is a group for anyone interested in smart contracts, blockchain, on-chain games, and advanced cryptography specifically as it relates to Starknet permissionless decentralized ZK-Rollup. Our goal is to onboard frens who are interested in learning blockchain and building in Web3. We also want to make this fun, so […]

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VM Day @Devconnect Istanbul 2023


VM Day @Devconnect Istanbul 2023 – ​As rollup solutions scale Ethereum’s execution, a subset is diverging from the EVM. These teams are introducing alternative VMs, opening up a vast new design space for execution. ​Join us for an afternoon to learn and engage with the builders behind these cutting-edge execution environments. Together, we’ll delve into […]

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Hashstack Announces Switch to Starknet

Bengaluru, India, 8th August, 2022 — Hashstack is thrilled to announce its strategic shift to Starkware developed Starknet — the first general-purpose permissionless Decentralized ZK-Rollup, to deploy Open — Hashstack’s money-market protocol to enable secure, under-collateralised loans on the blockchain. With this, Hashstack shifts its focus from EVM chains to zk-primitives to further its mission to build the critical infrastructure […]


ETH Seoul 2022


ETH Seoul 2022 is set to be the largest annual Ethereum event in South Korea, cover pertinent topics on the Ethereum ecosystem and beyond such as scalability of EVM chains, L2s, ZK rollups, DAOs, and more. Aside from expert panels, talks and workshops, it will also include hackathons, networking events and more. Speakers include: Vitalik […]

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