Local time: Timezone: (UTC+03:00) IstanbulDate: Nov 13 2023Time: 10:00 AM - 05:00 PM

Location: Kolektif House Levent, Esentepe Mah. Talatpaşa Cad. No: 5, Istanbul


VM Day @Devconnect Istanbul 2023

VM Day @Devconnect Istanbul 2023 – ​As rollup solutions scale Ethereum’s execution, a subset is diverging from the EVM. These teams are introducing alternative VMs, opening up a vast new design space for execution.

​Join us for an afternoon to learn and engage with the builders behind these cutting-edge execution environments. Together, we’ll delve into the intricacies, weigh the trade-offs, and unearth the transformative use cases these solutions unlock.

This event is part of Devconnect 2023, a week-long gathering that features independent Ethereum events bringing together brightest minds, passionate builders, and inquisitive researchers to forge new connections and ignite innovation.

💫 Hosts

Cartesi is an app-specific rollup protocol with a virtual machine that runs Linux distributions, creating a richer and broader design space for DApp developers. ​​​​

Fuel is a new blockchain stack designed from the ground up, enabling parallel transaction execution and native account abstraction on Ethereum. Fuel is soon launching a layer 2 on mainnet Ethereum, offering best-in-class tooling with an all-in-one unified toolchain and smart contract language, Sway.

Speakers include:

  • ​Kautuk, Founder, Stackr Labs
  • ​Brian Retford, Co-Founder & CEO, RISC Zero
  • ​Dino, Co-Founder, Fluent Labs & Modular Media
  • ​Rushi Manche, Founder, Movement Labs
  • Nick Dodson, CEO, Fuel Labs
  • ​Carsten Munk, Board Director, Cartesi
  • ​Raul Jordan, Senior Software Engineer, Maintainer of Prysm Ethereum Client, Offchain Labs
  • ​Rahul Kothari, Protocol Engineer & PM, Aztec
  • ​Bobbin Threadbare, Project Lead, Polygon Miden

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