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Xterio to Launch Gaming-Oriented Blockchain in Collaboration with AltLayer, aiming for Wider Web3 Gaming Adoption

Singapore, April 4th, 2024, Chainwire – Xterio, a leading Web3 gaming publisher and platform, and AltLayer, an open and decentralized protocol for launching native and ZK rollup stacks, have announced the launch of a game-focused restaked rollup designed specifically for Web3 games. Xterio is a Web3 gaming ecosystem & infrastructure, distinguishing itself as a gaming publisher […]

Rockstar Co-Founder and All-star Line Up Join Advisory Board to Take Metacade into Post Beta Orbit

London, United Kingdom, March 28th, 2024, Chainwire — Metacade, the revolutionary Web3 gaming platform, prepares to streak out of beta with a slew of ground-breaking initiatives that will redefine the way blockchain games are developed. CEO, Russell Bennett, forecasts a series of landmark announcements across Q2 and Q3, 2024. Commencing with the appointment of an advisory board. […]

Roll1ng Thund3rz Unveils Web3War® v3.0: Pioneering the Future of Gaming with Skill2Earn Dynamics

Singapore, February 29th, 2024, Chainwire — In a monumental leap forward for the gaming industry, Roll1ng Thund3rz (RTz), the pioneering Web3 gaming company, proudly announces the launch of Web3War® v3.0. This latest iteration introduces game-changing features, with Skill2Earn taking center stage in Season 1, accompanied by the Ranked Matches and an enticing Season Pass. Skill-to-Earn: A […]

Heroes of Mavia Surpasses 1 Million Downloads, Dominates Global App Store Rankings Before Token Launch

Hanoi, Vietnam, February 5th, 2024, Chainwire — Heroes of Mavia, the highly anticipated AAA mobile strategy game, has quickly stood out as a unifying force for Web3 and Web2 gamers alike, surpassing over 1 million downloads on Android and iOS. This impressive milestone underlines the game’s widespread appeal, combining engaging strategic gameplay with the innovative elements […]


TON Helsinki Meetup #2 TON x Telegram: Web3 Gaming


🌟 TON Helsinki Meetup #2 by the TON Helsinki Community – TON Helsinki Meetup #2 TON x Telegram: Web3 Gaming! Dive into Web3 Gaming on TON & Telegram: A Meetup for Finnish Game Developers Calling all Finnish game designers, developers, and web3 builders! Are you ready to explore the revolutionary world of Web3 gaming powered by […]

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The Future of Blockchain Gaming: How Infrastructure and Appchains are Changing the Gaming Landscape – A CoinDesk Webinar

New York City

This webinar explores the intersection of infrastructure and appchains in blockchain gaming. Industry leaders from Immutable, QuickNode, and Proof of Play will reveal the transformative trends and technologies set to shape the gaming landscape in 2024. This webinar offers a deep dive into how these advancements will revolutionize player experiences, scalability, and monetization in the […]

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YGG Web3 Games Summit 2023 — November 18-25, 2023

The YGG Web3 Games Summit will explore the intersection of gaming and the emerging Web3 ecosystem, featuring a game jam hackathon, a conference, game expo, and esports tournaments. The event brings gamers, investors, protocols, exchanges and game developers together. It will also feature several other opportunities for attendees to connect and provide valuable insights into […]

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