[Webinar] Understanding The Transformative Innovations Pushing Forward The Blockchain Gaming Landscape

Miami, USA, January 25th, 2024, Chainwire — Coindesk hosts a webinar inviting industry leaders in the blockchain gaming space to discuss how infrastructure and app chains are shaping the future of blockchain gaming.

The blockchain gaming landscape has seen massive growth over the past five years, fetching billions of dollars in revenue, with hundreds of new revolutionary infrastructure and app chains built within the space. How will new technologies impact the adoption of blockchain gaming? And what transformative innovations are we set to see in the coming year?

Industry leaders from Immutable, QuickNode and Proof of Play will answer these questions during a sponsored Coindesk webinar event on February 1, 2024, from 11.00 AM ET.

In the announcement, the webinar will bring together James Birney (Group Product Manager at Immutable), Josh Neuroth (VP of Product at QuickNode), and Adam Fern (Head of Product at Proof of Play) to discuss everything on the blockchain gaming landscape in 2024. The webinar will explore the intersection of infrastructure and app chains in blockchain gaming.

Additionally, the panel will discuss the recent trends and technologies within the Web 3 gaming space and how these advancements will revolutionize player experiences, scalability, and monetization in the dynamic world of blockchain gaming.

This Coindesk webinar event will be moderated by Jeff Wilser, a writer on Coindesk and host of the “AI Curious” podcast.

About Immutable 

Immutable is the leading Layer 2 blockchain specifically designed for blockchain games. The platform provides tools to help developers build with unmatched speed, scale, and flexibility using Immutable’s simple, end-to-end Web3 solutions. Immutable provides seamless access to tools to help advance the growth and development of next-generation Web 3 games. Read more on Immutable here.

About QuickNode

QuickNode is a blockchain infrastructure solution that helps over 25+ blockchain ecosystems to scale, including DApps on Ethereum, BNB Chain, Optimism, Polygon etc. Since its launch, in 2017, the firm has worked with hundreds of developers and companies, helping scale dApps and providing high-performance access to several blockchains. Read more on QuickNode here.

About Proof of Play 

Proof of Play is a game studio and blockchain technology company building fun, interactive and fully on-chain Web 3 games. The platform aims to enhance the decentralization of these games by open-sourcing their technology to every game developer. Since its launch, Proof of Play has shipped hundreds of games to millions of players, grossing $1+ billion in revenue. Read more on Proof of Play here.


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