The Mining Conference 2022 — October 4-5, 2022

The Mining Conference 2022

The Mining Conference is a three-day community-oriented and family-friendly event organized by people deeply involved in the Bitcoin mining industry.

Speakers include:

  • Pete Sessions, US Congressman
  • Dennis Porter, CEO, Satoshi Action Fund
  • Aaron Foster, Business Development, Luxor
  • Patrick Datz, VP, IMA Corp
  • Nathaniel Yu, Bitmain
  • Kristine Cranley, Financial Advisor, PM Squared Financial
  • Jonathan Kohn, Manager, BitPetro
  • Jason Oberle, Board Member, Cloverland Electric
  • Dave Schroepfer, Partner, WiPFLI
  • Drew Armstrong, President & COO, Cathedra Bitcoin
  • Scot Johnson, Founder, Digital Shovel
  • Matt Quinn, Ecosystem Growth, Nervos Network
  • Kristian Cspscar, Braiins OS

Venue: Kalahari Resort
Round Rock, TX


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