October 16, 2019 | Supply Chains Unblocked

Supply Chains Unblocked is a bespoke event dedicated to explaining, understanding and pursuing the innovative potential of Blockchain technology in the supply chain.

CMS London
78 Cannon St, London EC4N 6AF, UK

This unique 1-day conference includes user-friendly introductions designed to brief senior leaders on what Blockchain and Distributed Ledger technology is all about and why it is set to transform all aspects of the supply chain and logistics, bringing about a step change in the way the world trades. We will showcase real world examples and use cases, diving into specific areas where these technologies are creating waves of innovation, greater transparency, security, scalability and efficiency.

Speakers include:

Antony Welfare, Managing Director Blockchain Practice at Luxoft
Massimo Buonomo, UN Global expert in Blockchain
Imogen Bunyard, COO and Co-Founder, Qadre
Helen Disney, CEO, Unblocked
Jim Duffy, CEO, Tracr
Charles Kerrigan, Partner, CMS
Kate Baucherel, Author, Blockchain Hurricane (forthcoming)
Genevieve Leveille, CEO, AgriLedger
Terry Igharoro, CEO and Founder, Inventory Club
Barry James, Chair, British Blockchain and Frontier Technologies Association

Web-site: unblockedevents.com