November 6-10, 2019 | Steem Fest

After Amsterdam (2016), Lisbon (2017) and Kraków (2018), this year’s SteemFest will come to Asia for a five day adventure in Bangkok!

Prince Palace Hotel
Bangkok, Thailand

Enjoy, meet and learn from fellow Steemians through the conference and social events scattered across several locations in the city home to an exorbitant amount of sights, temples, great food, bizarre diversity, vastness, nightlife and you!

Speakers include:

@elipowell, Managing director, Steemit
@andrarchy, Content Director, Steemit
@martibis, Founder of Steemitworldmap and Haveyoubeenhere
@aggroed, Splinterlands, Steem Engine, Keychain, Palnet
@superoo7, Software Engineer at CoinGecko
@robinron, CEO, Deegram


Hotels Steem Fest 2019 Bangkok: