StarkWare Sessions 2023 — February 5-6, 2023

StarkWare Sessions is bringing together the Ethereum community for a two-day event of talks, panels, workshops, round tables, show casing and more.

Planned for the Ethereum, StarkNet and StarkEx communities, this event will feature industry leaders, developers, researchers and all those who want to be part of this vibrant, innovative emerging ecosystem.

Speakers include:

  • Shafi Goldwasser, Turing Award Winner, Scientific Advisor, StarkWare
  • Eli Ben-Sasson, Co-Founder & President, StarkWare
  • Avi Wigderson, Abel Award Winner, Scientific Advisor, StarkWare
  • Emin Gün Sirer, Founder & CEO, Ava Labs
  • Joey Krug, Co-Chief Investment Officer, Pantera
  • Stani Kulechov, Founder & CEO, The Aave Companies
  • Larry Cermak, VP of Research, The Block
  • Bobbin Threadbare, Co-Founder, Polygon
  • Eric Wall, Board Member, StarkNet Foundation
  • Jordi Bayllina, Co-Founder, Polygon Hermez
  • Tekla Iashagashvili, Business Development Manager, Apex Protocol
  • Nicolas Bacca, Co-founder, Leading the Innovation Lab, Ledger
  • Yoav Weiss, Hacker & Security Researcher, Ethereum Foundation
  • Alessandro Chiesa, Co-Founder, StarkWare
  • Tomasz Stańczak, Founder & CEO, Nethermind
  • Itamar Lesuisse, Co-Founder & CEO, Argent
  • Ariel Gabizon, Researcher & Engineer, Aztec Protocol
  • Udi Wertheimer, Multichain Bitcoiner
  • Brian Retford, CEO, Risc Zero
  • Makoto Inoue, Core Developer, Ethereum Name Service
  • Olaoluwa Osuntokun, Co-Founder & CTO, Lightning Labs

Venue: The Cameri Theatre
Tel Aviv, Israel


StarkWare Sessions 2023 is part of ETH TLV

Day One Livestream

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