Starknet Community Conference — October 31 – November 1, 2022

Starknet Community Conference

Starknet Community Conference is the biggest community event in the StarkNet ecosystem, touted to be the future of Ethereum scaling.

It’s a non-profit event, with all proceedings to be granted to developers.

The first French StarkNetCC was a blast. And all members of this amazing ecosystem have decided to organize this second community event of StarkNet in Lisbon.

Speakers include:

  • Eli Ben-Sasson, President, StarkWare
  • Uri Kolodny, CEO, StarkWare
  • Thomas Brillard, Senior Software Engineer, Ledger
  • Sylve Chevet, ‍CEO, Briq
  • Massil Achab, ‍Software Engineer, Nethermind
  • Grégoire Gambatto, ‍CEO, Only Dust
  • Ismael Darwish, Product Lead, Argent
  • Yoav Gaziel, CTO, Braavos
  • Yu Feng, CEO, Veridise
  • Rohit Goyal, Founder, Jediswap
  • Louis Baudoin, StarkNet Core Unit, MakerDAO

Venue: Heden Santa Apolónia
Lisbon, Portugal


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