SSV.Network to Appear With Etherfi Live on X Spaces to Discuss the Future of Restaking

Tel-Aviv, Israel, March 17th, 2024, Chainwire — Decentralized staking infrastructure provider SSV.Network has announced an X Spaces live discussion with Etherfi’s Mike Silagadze. SSV core team founder Alon Muroch will join the Etherfi CEO to discuss the future of restaking and the role of distributed validator technology (DVT) in strengthening decentralized networks.

At 16:30 UTC on March 20, representatives of SSV.Network and Etherfi will convene for a wide-ranging discussion on the fast-growing restaking industry. SSV core team member Robert Drage will host the event, which will be broadcast live on X (formerly Twitter).

The X Spaces event will give Mike Silagadze an opportunity to provide Etherfi’s take on the future of staking and to discuss the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead. With more than $3 billion staked into Etherfi’s liquid staking protocol, Silagadze knows the industry inside out. Etherfi provides non-custodial staking and allows users to earn yield through staking protocols such as EigenLayer.

In addition to talking restaking, SSV’s Alon Muroch and Etherfi’s Mike Silagadze will discuss DVT and explore the ways in which it is being implemented into liquid staking protocols. The Simple DVT Software Module developed by SSV is currently being used to diversify the node operator set used by Lido and other non-custodial staking protocols.

During the X Spaces broadcast, different implementations of DVT will be discussed. The guests will also address the role DVT is playing in the broader liquid staking and restaking industry. DVT is regarded as critical infrastructure technology in the Ethereum stack, prized for its ability to allow a single validator to be operated by multiple entities. In doing so, it reduces single points of failure while helping to decentralize the entire network.

The SSV.Network and Etherfi live broadcast will take place as an X Spaces broadcast on March 20. Those unable to tune in will have the opportunity to listen back later on Twitter.

About SSV.Network

SSV.Network creates easy-to-use and scalable infrastructure for developers. SSV is powered by DVT technology, a pioneering architectural framework designed specifically for Ethereum staking. Thanks to its permissionless design, SSV empowers staking operators and validators to join the network and participate in Ethereum staking.

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