Secret Summit 2022 — December 15, 2022

Secret Summit 2022

Secret Network’s flagship digital conference with talks, panels, and workshops by Web3 privacy pioneers from our ecosystem & beyond.

See where Web3 privacy is heading and what’s being built—directly from the people building it. Secret Summit 2022 hosts top thinkers and builders that push the space forward, covering topics like:

🔐 The possibilities private smart contracts unlock in & outside the Cosmos ecosystem

✨ What dApps are building on Secret right now—from communication to private lending to gaming and more

💳 How privacy makes DeFi better and more secure by solving issues like front-running and MEV

🧑‍💻 Learn how you can start building with private smart contracts straight from Secret’s core developers

🔭 A look at Secret 2.0: our roadmap towards the next generation of Web3 privacy

And, of course, we’ll share a few other “secrets” as well…!

Speakers TBA