August 21 – 24, 2020 | Reimagine 2020 v2.0: Disrupting the System

REIMAGINE 2020 is a virtual blockchain conference and networking event designed to educate you to adopt a decentralized future and disrupt the old system. Our goal is to broaden education while strengthening ties between academia, industry and enterprise communities by providing a virtual forum that will serve as the standard for blockchain events going forward. Let’s reimagine what’s possible!

Get an exclusive inside look at the future of blockchain and crypto in our system. Join the Reimagine “Disrupt The System” Virtual Conference, a 72-hour live event bringing together industry leaders, universities, and enterprises innovating to solve real problems, now.

  • Live streamed keynotes, interviews, AMAs and more
  • Limited access discussion groups and workshops
  • Pitching sessions for early-stage projects
  • Dedicated networking sessions with multiple ways to connect

Last time, the focus was on how we might Reimagine the future after the year 2020, and what our new technologies have to do in reshaping. This time we want to focus more explicitly on how education will be the key to mass adoption, and how adoption is important in allowing these emerging technologies to reshape the social systems that structure our globalizing world.


  • 72 hour live stream
    • Premier Content – Keynotes, panels, debates
    • Events – Hackathons, pitch events, trading competitions
    • Additional Content – Interviews & Q&As
  • One-off events running simultaneous to the livestream hosted by MouseBelt & partners
    • Workshops
    • 1:1 Networking
    • Invite-only VIP & student events

This is a FREE event open to EVERYONE