Record-breaking 5-Day Online Business and Tech Digital Summit 2020 Kicks Off on July 6th

On July 6-10, the record-breaking 5-day online conference in the field of blockchain technologies and business Digital Summit 2020 with more than 30 international speakers will unite at least 25 000 participants from Europe, Asia, the USA and other regions in an immersive discussion of new anti-crisis solutions in the current economic environment.

Digital Summit 2020 will unite the global industry leaders and novices of the digital world and create a unique synergy between blockchain and traditional business. The market giants will share their business ideas and anti-crisis solutions in the economic environment in 2020.

The event of such a scale will allow traditional business entrepreneurs to find a new direction for growth and discover new business problem-solving techniques.

The Digital Summit 2020 participants will experience a 5 days full immersion into the field of new blockchain technologies and business crisis management solutions with more than 30 international speakers, including:

  • Gil Petersil, Networking Mastery Coach
  • Kyle Chasse, CEO Master Ventures
  • Max Keidun, Founder & CEO of Hodl Hodl
  • Sergey Mendeleev, Founder of Garantex Exchange
  • Arthur Wiseberg, Head of Europe Institutional Business Apifiny
  • Sharif Allayarov, Matrixport
  • Kirill Doronin, Founder of CBS One
  • Alex Sudadze, Bitcoin Embassy Georgia
  • Ivan Tikhonov, Founder of
  • Vít Jedlička, President of Free Republic of Liberland
  • Susanne Tarkowski Tempelhof, Founder of Bitnation

The Digital Summit 2020 will cover 8 growth areas – Mining, DAO, Exchanges, Market-making, Projects 2020, Venture investments, Sales and Marketing for crypto projects – and such key topics as the anti-crisis cases from the top companies, the pandemic effects on the market, trading in 2020, business tactics in the face of uncertainty, the anti-crisis strategies of the new blockchain economy, blockchain governance and micronations.

Visit the conference’s official web-site, choose between free and paid participation to join the event and get a chance to win prizes from the event’s partners, including a business lunch with the speakers.