QuBit Cybersecurity Conference Prague | September 23-24, 2020

QuBit is an annual cybersecurity conference bringing together professionals from across the world to share knowledge and real-life stories.


QuBit’s mission is to create a community of knowledge and information sharing for the industry’s experts and professionals through networking & education events.

Speakers include:

  • Rhesa Baar, Manager Security Consulting at Avanade
  • Ladislav Baco, Senior Security Consultant and Malware Analyst at LIFARS
  • Peter Beres, Managing Partner at SophistIT
  • Mariana Belyavskiy, AVP, Operational Risk, ERM at CIT Bank
  • Joe Carson, CISSP, CSPO, CSP, cyber security professional and ethical hacker
  • Claudio Chifa, CxO at DLTCode
  • Aankur Bhatia, Executive Data Scientist Cyber Security at IBM
  • Moty Cristal, CEO at NEST
  • Edwin Doyle, Global Security Strategist at Check Point
  • Michael Goedeker, CEO and Founder at Hakdefnet International
  • Jarek Jakubcek, Strategic Analyst at EC3, Europol
  • Pavol Luptak, CEO at Nethemba

Web-site: qubitconference.com

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