Quantum Miami Brings Crypto’s Hottest Projects to Defrost Crypto Winter

Quantum Miami 2023

Join Andre Cronje, Charlie Shrem, Brock Pierce, Crypto Banter’s Ran Neuner, Craig Sellars & Other Futurists at Quantum Miami, the Official Flagship Event for Blockchain Week Miami. 

Miami, FL, January 9, 2023 — Quantum Miami kicks off January 25th at the James L. Knight Center, bringing the crypto industry’s authoritative, innovative and unfiltered voices to 3000+ attendees looking to capitalize on and navigate the wild crypto winter.

Top tier speakers including: Andre Cronje, Brock Pierce, Ran Neuner, Charlie Shrem, Craig Sellars, Sheldon Sniper, Ripple’s Bradley Chase, Paul Puey, Cleve Mesidor, Scarlett Arana and more take the stage from January 25th-27th, 2023, delivering uncensored, important, useful information on everything you need to know about the current state of crypto, and where to go from here.


  1. Bearing With the Bear Market – Ran Neuner, Crypto Banter

  2. Self-Custody & Financial Autonomy – Paul Puey, Edge

  3. Treasury Management – Andre Cronje, Fantom Foundation

  4. The Future of DeFi – Harry Yeh, Chairman of Quantum Events

  5. The Great Escape: Crypto in The Caribbean & Beyond – Kerem Kolcuoglu,

  6. Women & Web3 – Ragzy, Erin Gee, Clive Mesidor, Justyna Osowska

  7. Crypto’s Impact on Miami – Scott Spiegel, BitBasel

  8. The Importance of Cross-Chain – Sergey Gorbunov, Axelar

  9. Decentralized Identity – Craig Sellars, Tether

  10. Crypto Security – Preston Thornberg, UpShield  

  11. Crypto Legalities and Tax Management – Loretta Joseph, ADC Global Advisory Group

  12. The Fantom Ecosystem – Top Secret announcement plan – Simone Pomposi – Fantom


The year’s biggest crypto conference and first major in-person forum since the FTX crash, Quantum Miami – bringing 5000+ crypto industry trailblazers, Web3 revolutionaries, high networth investors, global media and blockchain technologists under one roof. The full agenda can be found here.


January 25th-27th, 2023


The James L. Knight Center


Crypto existed in Miami before major market upheavals and will exist and thrive for decades after. Now is the time to listen, learn, ask questions, network and connect with the crypto industry’s revolutionaries, innovators and technologists as they give their perspectives, insights and ideas on how to survive and thrive in the Crypto Winter, and beyond.

From event chairman, Harry Yeh,

“As the official flagship of Miami Blockchain Week, Quantum Miami is poised to be the most valuable crypto investor event to date,” said the event’s chairman Harry Yeh.

Addressing the current global economic market and the investment opportunities Quantum Miami provides, Yeh states, “The best crypto investors and blockchain entrepreneurs know that great fortunes are born in bear markets. With this event, we’re bringing together the entire ecosystem of pioneers, Web3 revolutionaries, and the brilliant minds shaping and shifting the future of blockchain technology, all to the rhythmic heartbeat of cryptocurrency, Miami.” 

Echoing Yeh’s comments is Miami’s tech-forward mayor, Frances X. Suarez, who for the second year, is designating Quantum Miami as the official flagship event of Miami Blockchain Week.

“Quantum Miami 2023 is proof that Miami is becoming the world capital of crypto and web3. This is not just a conference, it’s a live incubator of real, future-shaping blockchain projects,” says Miami Mayor, Frances X. Suarez.

The Quantum Events team has over 20 years of combined experience putting on the highest caliber of curated, ecosystem-incubating productions with revolutionary speakers, with more being announced daily. This year focuses on up and coming trends within DeFi, bearing a bear market, the future of Web3, asset taxation, investment protection and more. An added emphasis has been made on the diversity and inclusion of speakers, continuing a commitment and passion that resonates throughout all.

Quantum Miami is committed to ensuring attendees get the value of safety, security, transparency, and trust. They will learn how to manage and mitigate tax implications on their wealth, and how to better navigate the digital economy and the new crypto regulations during these uncertain times.

A livestream option is also available for those attendees who cannot be there in person. For more information on Quantum Miami or to further inquire about attending, media accreditation, speaking and sponsorship, please visit QuantumMiami.com.


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