Puerto Rico Blockchain Week 2021 — December 6-12, 2021

San Juan
Puerto Rico

The first edition of Puerto Rico Blockchain Week is hosted by the Puerto Rico Blockchain Trade Association (PRBTA), in collaboration with Metaverso, CoinAgenda Caribbean, Limitless, and Invest PR.

Throughout the week, attendees will have the opportunity to connect via various events such as workshops, meetings and meet ups with professional investors and traders, and corporate, entrepreneurial and innovation executives, as well as digital currency funds with top business executives and entrepreneurs from the blockchain and cryptocurrency sectors.

Puerto Rico Blockchain Week events begin with Puerto Rico: HODL Here the inaugural local conference created to illustrate why this island has become the place to move to, scheduled for December 6th.

The conference is an opportunity for individuals and businesses to meet governmental agencies, mingle and network with Puerto Rican executives and companies that have already made the move. Panels will include discussions on why to relocate to Puerto Rico, local tax incentives, and the state of crypto regulations on federal and territory level. The afternoon will be packed with demos by rising local Puerto Rican start-ups.

Metaverso is a single-day NFT conference on Tuesday, December 7th. All proceeds support nonprofits that benefit artists and entrepreneurs and teach coding on the island. Metaverso is Puerto Rico’s first NFT summit and invites creators, influencers, enthusiasts, collectors, and top global companies to come together for an immersive programming experience. Curated in both Spanish and English, Metaverso welcomes everyone to a lush and relaxed setting to discover Puerto Rico’s vibrant crypto and NFT community.

CoinAgenda Caribbean is a three-day conference with sessions on Wednesday, December 8th and Thursday, December 9th. CoinAgenda is the leading global conference series connecting professional investors, traders, family corporations and digital currency funds with top entrepreneurs in the blockchain and cryptocurrency sectors. CoinAgenda focuses on international blockchain investing trends, with world-class speakers from around the globe, plus a special focus on blockchain economic development, friendly jurisdictions, the rise of security tokens, enterprise applications, and changes in digital currency funding vehicles and digital currency exchanges.

Limitless is the premiere crypto currency conference for the crypto elite, world leaders, innovators, investors, influencers, funds and market makers. This exclusive VIP event will focus on Defi, NFTs, blockchain and decentralized apps over a 5-star dinner capped with the closing party on December 10th.

Website: prblockchainweek.io

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