October 4-6, 2019 | OPT-OUT: 6th Annual Hackers Congress Paralelni Polis

Every year we invite speakers and opinion leaders from various fields such as the freedom movement, cryptoanarchy, sharing economy, cryptocurrencies, economy, sociology, political art, hacking and much more

Prague, Czech Republic
Paralelní Polis

Dělnická 475/43, 170 00 Praha 7-Holešovice

World mandatory passportization celebrates its 100th anniversary.
A nasty dehumanization, carefully marking all people by their governments, stealing their biometrics, strengthening the power of territorial states and suppressing the liberty of individuals.
There remains however the possibility to choose a suitable permanent residency, to create international companies, to get a better passport and to use state cheats to hack the tyrant.
Use cryptographic technology to regain privacy, to save freedom, to step up from the first constrained realm and to build the second one.

Speakers include:

David Chaum, Cryptography Pioneer, Founder/CEO of Elixx
Nick Middleton, Geographer, writer, educator
Robim Hanson, Associate Professor of Economics, George Mason University
Tommy Martinez, Director of Technology at Pioneer Works in Brooklyn, NY. USA.
Reinaldo Escobar Casas, Cuban independent journalist, Founder and Editor in Chief of 14ymedio.com
Paul Rosenberg, Co-founder of Cryptohippie and author of the Freeman’s Perspective newsletter
Smuggler, Cryptoanarchist and cypherpunk
Tone Vays, Crypto Analyst & Derivatives Trader
Peter Todd, Bitcoin Developer
Matthias Tarasiewicz, Director of RIAT – Institute for Future Cryptoeconomics, Researcher and Technology Theorist
Max Hampshire, Developer and Crypto Researcher
Jurai Bednar, Hacker and entrepreneur

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