NOMADays 2022 — August 26-28, 2022

NOMADays 2022

Join NOMADays 2022, the Entrepreneurs Congress for perpetual traveling, travel hacking, insurance solutions, taxes, deregistration, and investment.

Perpetual travel and digital nomads are more than a small trend – nowadays they are here to stay and the movement continues to grow massively.

In these times, which are becoming increasingly uncertain and complicated on a global level, everyone is well advised to inform themselves comprehensively.

Therefore, the team around Christoph Heuermann (Staatenlos) together with the Blockchainhotel and the CryptoCastle have decided to jointly launch the new format “NomaDays”.

The goal is to bring together both beginners and experienced LOCATION-INDEPENDENT ENTREPRENEURS, Freelancers and investors to this wonderful castle. In the future our stated goal is to create a place for co-living and co-working in the heart of Germany.

Speakers include:

  • Christoph Heuermann, Perpetual Traveling, Staatenlos
  • Meinhard Bundschuh,
  • RA Dr. Tim Greenawalt,
  • Johannes Voelkner,
  • Jan Lehr, PRIMEROS
  • Markus Bauer, Advo-Bauer
  • Aline-Dahmen, Nomad Soulmates
  • Marlene-Rybka, Crevisential LLC
  • Stella Airoldi,
  • Juraj Bednar, hacktrophy
  • Pavol Luptak, Liberation Travel – Crypto Offshore
  • Matthias Zeitler, Coworking Bansko
  • Matthias A Will, Lifestyle Solutions
  • Gökhan Köse, SEO Workshop, Blockchainhotel
  • Swen Lorenz, Sark
  • Francisco Litvay,
  • Gideon Gallasch, Master of Ceremony / CryptoCastle – Blockchainhotel – NOMADays
  • Max Be, NOMADA/Mining
  • Wieland Arlt, Torero Lifestyle LLC
  • Peter Young, Free Cities Foundation


Venue: CryptoCastle
06636 Laucha an der Unstrut, Germany