NFT.NYC 2022 — June 20-23, 2022

NFT.NYC 2022

Each year, NFT.NYC brings together the global NFT community of brands, developers, entrepreneurs, gamers, artists, investors, collectors, and enthusiasts. The 2022 event will be hosted across 7 venues in New York City, including the iconic Radio City Music Hall.

NFT.NYC is attracting the ecosystem’s top projects, presenting new ideas, technologies, and launching initiatives to thousands of its attendees.
Over 1,000 NFT community members will speak at NFT.NYC 2022.

Speakers include:

  • Alex Svanevik, CEO, Nansen
  • David Schwartz, CTO, Ripple
  • Alex Kim, President & Founder, Bentley Blockchain Association (BBA)
  • Alexa Lombardo, Founder & CIO/CSO, Atomic N°8
  • Alexander Mayes, FlyBot Design
  • Alexander Mitrovich, Unique Network
  • Alex Cavoulacos, Founder & CEO, Meta Angels
  • Amanda Cassatt, Serotonin
  • Amyli McDaniel, Founder & CEO, Mintangible
  • Andrew Campbell, Axie Infinity
  • Andrew Bull, Founding Partner, Bull Blockchain Law
  • David Wachsman, CEO, Wachsman
  • Emilio Cazares, Chief Legal Officer, SuperRare
  • Arif Khan, Founder, Alethea AI
  • Avery Akkineni, VaynerNFT
  • Ben Lakoff, Founder & CEO, Charged Particles
  • Caleb Applegate, Chief Operating Officer, Enjin
  • Dave Uhryniak, TRON Foundation
  • David Nage, Arca
  • David Goldberg, Alpaca
  • David Shin, Klaytn
  • Gauthier Zuppinger, Co-Founder,
  • Gavin Bridge, Senior Media Analyst, Variety
  • Ivan Soto-Wright, CEO, MoonPay

… and many many more


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