Introducing: The Inaugural Stable Summit

May 30, 2023 — With hundreds of millions of users, hundreds of billions in combined market caps and trillions in global settlements, the stablecoin space still has no dedicated space for leaders to come together and collaboratively solve challenges or innovate new solutions – until now.

Introducing the inaugural Stable Summit – the only event to focus on everything stablecoins. Taking place 15-16 July at La Caserne in Paris, right before EthCC.

From the most original OGs to the newest newbies signing up on an exchange, everyone in the blockchain space uses stablecoins. Whether they’re building sophisticated DeFi positions or spot trading the latest meme coins, every user wants stablecoins to do the same thing: stay stable. But, it’s never that simple.

This summer, for the first time, leaders from across the stablecoin ecosystem will gather to share insights from their work, collaborate on new projects and network with stablecoin enthusiasts from around the world. Speakers at the inaugural event include founders, CTOs and researchers from leading stablecoins and protocols, including AAVE, FRAX, Maker, Liquity, Reserve and more.

The summit’s agenda will focus on the most technical challenges in the stablecoin space, curated through more than 30 hours of interviews with builders and researchers. Topics covered include:

  • Design & Trade-offs
  • Security & Risks
  • Maintaining Liquidity
  • Governance
  • Regulation
  • Collateralisation
  • Real World Adoption
  • Global Outlook & Future Developments

“For the foreseeable future, users will demand the ability to transact and save in assets correlated to those they know, like the dollar. So it is important that our industry continue to innovate in the stablecoin field via open dialogue and conferences such as Stable Summit” – Benjamin, Co-founder, QiDao

“Stablecoins have a lot in common with small countries running their own currency: both have to build trust with the global financial community, and they can never take that trust for granted. Economics professors like myself have studied banking panics and exchange rate crises for decades, and we have a lot of advice to share with the stablecoin community.” – Garett Jones, Professor of Economics at GMU and Founder of BlueChip, the Stablecoin Ratings Agency.

Powered by Curve Finance, blockchain’s premier stablecoin DEX, The Stable Summit is a small, high level learning and networking event. There are no ticket tiers or VIP zones – just two days of top quality programming for anyone that’s interested in building the future of finance.

Platinum Sponsors at the event include Raft, creators of R – the capital efficient decentralized stablecoin collateralized by stETH, and Zunami – the decentralized yield aggregator for staking stablecoins.

The summit’s afterparty will be open to all, and is brought to you by Afterparty Sponsors Angle Protocol – the protocol behind agEUR – and StakeDAO, the decentralised platform that connects users to complex yield farming opportunities.

Event venue: La Caserne Paris
12 Rue Philippe de Girard, 75010 Paris, France


About the Organisers

Curve Finance is the leading stablecoin DEX, DeFi’s leading AMM, (Automated Market Maker) and the latest major player in the stablecoin world. Hundreds of liquidity pools have been launched through Curve’s factory and incentivized by Curve’s DAO. Users rely on Curve’s proprietary formulas to provide high liquidity, low slippage, low fee transactions among ERC-20 tokens. In May 2023, Curve released the first iterations of crvUSD, Curve’s native stablecoin on Ethereum.

Party Action People Pte. Ltd. is a Web3 conference organiser from Singapore, specialising in academically robust conferences with a technical focus.

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