Ethereum Community Conference 6 — July 17-20, 2023

The Ethereum Community Conference (EthCC) is the largest annual European Ethereum event focused on technology and community.

EthCC is first and foremost an event by the community, for the community. Being non-profit, the event keeps the prices as low as possible. 

EthCC is also transparent on its budget and any extra profit will be redistributed in the ecosystem.

Speakers include:

  • Alan Ransil, Protocol Labs / Filecoin Green
  • Aleksandar Bijelic, MVP Workshop
  • Gustav Arentoft, & 1inch
  • Jordi Baylina, Polygon
  • Samantha Yap, YAP Global
  • Denis Creighton, IMPT
  • William Robinson, Alliance
  • Joshua Forman, ShapeShift DAO
  • Giovanni Fu Lin, Optigotchi
  • Horsefacts ETH,
  • Amine Lahrichi, Chainstack
  • Megan White, 0x Labs
  • Léa Narzis, Parity Technologies
  • Sid Shekhar, Coinbase
  • Cheeky Gorilla, Protocol Guild
  • William George, Kleros Cooperative
  • Akaki Mamageishvili, Offchain Labs
  • Sasha Tanase, Threshold Network & Eden Block & Web3UX
  • Aliu Musa, Celo Foundation
  • Terence Tsao, Prysm & Arbitrum
  • Mads Mathiesen, Maven11
  • Fatima Khaziyeva, Zapper
  • Xin Wan, Uniswap Labs
  • Dan McKeon, OpenZeppelin
  • Anastasia Melachrinos, Kaiko
  • Kevin Olsen, Gitcoin DAO
  • Harry Bairstow, WalletConnect
  • Jacob Van Geffen, Veridise
  • Rebecca Rettig, Polygon Labs
  • Khaled Grira, AAVE Companies
  • Thomas Letan, Nomadic Labs
  • Alex Shevchenko, Aurora Labs
  • Chase McDermott, Circle
  • Hugo Philion, Flare Network
  • Holly Atkinson, The Sandbox

and many more…

Venue: The Maison de la Mutualité
Paris, France


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