Hyperledger Global Forum 2021 Speakers and Agenda Details Announced

May 14, 2021 — Hyperledger, an open source collaborative effort created to advance cross-industry blockchain technologies, announced the agenda details for Hyperledger Global Forum 2021 (#HyperledgerForum), the premier virtual enterprise blockchain event of 2021.

Scheduled for June 8-10, the event is open to any and all who are involved or interested in using, developing or learning more about Hyperledger’s open source enterprise blockchain technologies. To accommodate a global audience, HGF will take place in two segments each day, spaced across time zones, and feature real-time translation for more than a dozen languages.

More than 1,200 Hyperledger contributors, members, service providers and enterprise end users from around the world will gather for the third Hyperledger Global Forum. The packed three days will include more than 100 sessions across business, technical and demo theater tracks. Additionally, to drive engagement with speakers and other attendees, HGF will leverage a range of interactive features from the Hopin events platform, including live Q+A, chat and polling functionality, speed networking, virtual booths and Birds of a Feather and AMA break-out discussions.

Hyperledger Global Forum will kick off at 8:00 am CEST on each day with a four hour block of content and speakers focused on Asia and the European markets and community. Sessions will range from The State of Blockchain Interoperability in 2021 and UAE Trade Connect – UAE’s First and Largest Blockchain-based Trade Finance Platform to Oceans Plastics Recycling Solution using Hybrid Blockchain and Universal Rendering of SSI Credentials.

A second block will begin at 11:00 am EDT with another four hours of content from speakers in Europe and the Americas. Topics will include Building Transformative Platforms to Scale 5G Ecosystems using HyperledgerSupply Chain Security – Tackling Compliance, Fraud and CounterfeitingBuilding a Hyperledger Indy Network – A Technical Overview and Blockchain in the COVID-19 Fight – US HHS Testing Results Reporting Using Distributed Ledger.

Frank Yiannas, Deputy Commissioner for Food Policy and Response for the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), will deliver the opening day keynote for Europe and the Americas, covering the role of DLT in the new era of Smarter Food Safety.

“The benefits of distributed ledger technology have been clear to me for a long time. But food supply chain disruptions and market place imbalances experienced early-on in the COVID-19 pandemic have highlighted how a distributed, decentralized, yet digitally connected food system could be a safer, stronger, and more resilient food system,” said Yiannas in a preview of his talk.

Keynotes in the Asia Pacific/Europe segment (starting at 8:00 a.m. CEST) will include:

  • Marie Masserey, Head, Industry Architecture at IATA, who will discuss health credentials and international air travel in a Q+A with Drummond Reed, Chief Trust Officer at Evernym.
  • Michael del Castillo, associate editor at Forbes, who will host a discussion with companies from the Asia Pacific market that were selected for the 2021 Blockchain 50 covering the latest on their deployments.

Those taking center stage during the North America/Europe segment (starting at 8:00 a.m. PDT) will include:

  • Jonathan Dotan, writer/producer on HBO’s SILICON VALLEY and a current fellow at Stanford and the USC Shoah Foundation, who will present on the Starling Framework for Data Integrity, a ground-breaking methodology for using open-source tools in the fight against the spread of misinformation and the looming threat of deep fakes.
  • Mary Lacity, Director of the Blockchain Center of Excellence in Sam M. Walton College of Business at The University of Arkansas and the author of 30 books, most recently Blockchain Fundamentals for the Internet of Value, who will share her insights on what we’ve learned so far about blockchain for business.

Further rounding out the programming, Hyperledger will also hold mainstage panels on NFTs and CBDCs.

Additionally, Hyperledger announced the latest line-up of members joining its global enterprise blockchain community. Six additional organizations, general members ConsenSys Health, Extrimian, Revelry Labs and UNA Blockchain and associate members Blockchain Education Network and Fujian Blockchain Association, are now part of the multi-venture, multi-stakeholder effort hosted at the Linux Foundation.

“Hyperledger Global Forum is always an energizing event for our community and the enterprise blockchain industry,” said Brian Behlendorf, Executive Director, Hyperledger, and Managing Director for Blockchain, Healthcare and Identity at the Linux Foundation. “This year’s format has opened the door to a powerful mix of high impact speakers and talks and created the opportunity for a global audience unlike any we’ve had before. By joining now, this latest wave of new members further strengthens our community as we head into HGF and underscores the broad-based commitment to advancing and implementing Hyperledger technologies.”