Digital Totality: Hackers Congress Paralelní Polis Reveals Event Agenda and Final Speaker Lineup for the 2020 Event

Hybrid physical/virtual event takes place from October 2 – 4

Prague, Czech Republic — September 30, 2020 — Hackers Congress Paralelní Polis (HCPP) has revealed its full agenda and final speaker lineup ahead of its 7th annual event, due to take place this weekend, from October 2nd-4th.

The hybrid (virtual/in-person) event will explore a range of topics relating to digital totality and privacy infringements, providing guidance to attendees on how best to protect themselves in a time when technological advancements have led to vastly increased levels of surveillance, both online and in the physical world.

Through a series of interactive workshops, this year’s event will focus on practical skills, with the overall goal of teaching participants to be more secure and private online.

Taking place in the well-known Paralelní Polis and La Fabrika event spaces in Prague, the Personal Sovereignty workshops will cover a range of topics, including the best apps to download to achieve personal sovereignty, how to ensure computer security, and how to set up a censorship resistant chatroom.

Workshops will be led by renowned security and privacy experts, including open source advocate Travin Keith, hacker and entrepreneur Juraj Bednár, and certified IT Security professional and HCPP co-founder, Pavol Lupták.

New speakers added to the agenda include AI archaeologist Sara Polak, Alexandra Moxin, founder and CEO of Advance Tech Media; and investigative reporter Pavla Holcova.

Commenting on the event, Lupták said:

“Hackers Congress has always been about making a stand against organisations and entities that threaten our individual freedoms. For the last seven years, hackers, cryptoanarchists and other lovers of freedom have gathered in Prague to celebrate emerging technologies and movements that empower the individual.

For the 7th iteration of HCPP, in a time when drones, cameras, databases and hostile AI pose more of a threat than ever before, we thought the most valuable thing we could offer attendees was practical advice on how they can protect themselves and safeguard their privacy from those who would seek to infringe upon it.

By running a hybrid virtual and in-person event, we’re looking forward to welcoming old friends back to Prague while delivering exciting content to activists around the world via HCPP TV.”

With consideration for the ongoing pandemic and current government restrictions, ticket-holders will have exclusive access to a live streamed version of the event, hosted on Hopin, an all-in-one online conference platform that prioritises participant engagement and networking.

Viewers around the globe will be able to tune the HCPP.TV, a non-stop public livestream via Paralelni Polis YouTube channel.

It will be co-hosted by CryptoEvents and more than 30 of the leading crypto podcasters and YouTubers, which will include various interviews and fireside chats with event-participants.

Participants will be among the first to view the hotly-anticipated documentary LIBERTAS, which will premiere during HCPP. An entirely crowdfunded film, LIBERTAS explores the world of cryptotechnologies in Slovakia and the Czech Republic and examines the potential advantages that they offer as an alternative to current financial and technological infrastructures.

In addition, HCPP20 event participants will be able to view “El Caracol” (The Snail), a documentary by Amin Rafiee. This documentary explores the life of Gerardo Gonzalez Miranda, an activist, humanitarian, journalist, and musician living in the city of San Cristobal, and his ideas about anarchy, ecology, capitalism, the impact of corporations such as Monsanto and Coca-Cola, and the emancipation of the local population through the Zapatista movement, one of the most successful, yet unheard about anarchist movements in modern history.

Continuing on with annual tradition, the event will also see a Silver & Gold Coin auction going ahead. One hundred silver commemorative coins celebrating freedom fighter and American whistleblower, Edward Snowden, will be up for sale while one gold commemorative coin celebrating Aaron Swartz will be available to bid on. Half of the proceeds from the Gold Coin auction will be contributed equally between a non-profit educational program and Aaron Swartz’s mother.

Additionally, HCPP20 is pleased to announce the Status Network as its Official Communication Partner. The Status Network is a globally distributed collective working to build products, tools and infrastructure for resilient, sustainable and inclusive communities. Attendees can join and stay up to date with all event news via the #hcpp20 public channel on Status Messenger.

Other official sponsors include XMR.TO and General Bytes, long time supporters of Paralelni Polis and the Hackers Congress. The 7th Hackers Congress will be held in Prague in Paralelní Polis (Dělnická 43) and La Fabrika (Komunardů 1001/30). HCPP20 will take place from October 02, 2020 through October 04, 2020 in Prague as well as online via Hopin.

Tickets for the virtual and physical event are available to purchase now at A 50%-off discount can also be found for HCPP20 ONLINE event through the podcast partners.

A life-time ticket to both the upcoming, and all future Hackers Congresses is also available for 1BTC.

A full event schedule is available at

For the latest updates, check Paralelní Polis Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook accounts.

About HCPP
The Hackers Congress is organised by Paralelní Polis, a non-profit, with its own large space in central Prague, where a global community of cryptocurrency experts, early blockchain adopters, representatives of the freedom movement, as well as artists, hackers, and crypto-anarchists come together to share technology and ideas to fight censorship and build a free, decentralized and unconstrained society.

Hackers Congress 2020 will be held in Paralelní Polis (Dělnická 43) and La Fabrika (Komunardů 1001/30) from 10am on Friday, October 2nd.

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