Hackers Congress Paralelní Polis Launches HCPP TV, New Additions to Speaker Lineup Announced

The 7th iteration of the renowned cypherpunk event will explore the topic of Digital Totality and will livestream many workshops and talks during the three-day congress in October.

Prague, Czech Republic — August 25, 2020 The organisers of the 7th annual Hackers Congress (HCPP), which will occur on October 2nd-4th in the stunning venue of Paralelní Polis and La Fabrika, Prague, have announced the launch of an all-new streaming element – HCPP TV. In collaboration with respected reporters from within the crypto and  tech media, the webcast will livestream conference content, focusing on security, privacy and digital life-hacks and enabling those who cannot join the congress physically.

Continuing the trend of previous congresses in the series, which explored diverse topics such as the binding constraints of global political and economic systems, the manifesto of the 7th Hackers Congress (#HCPP20) highlights “Digital Totality” as its main narrative and a current threat to humanity. The event will focus on safeguarding privacy when drones, cameras, databases, and hostile AI are more prevalent than ever before.

In addition to the launch of HCPP TV, #HCPP20 has already confirmed a host of new speakers for this year’s event, including well-known industry figures such as Riccardo Spagni (aka Fluffy Pony), a member of the Monero core team; David Frieman, author of the cult book The Machinery of Freedom, Eric S. Raymond, an American open-source  advocate, and developer;  author of The Little Bitcoin Book and Founder of Trezor, Alena Vranova; American media theorist, writer and early cypherpunk, Douglas Rushkoff; world-famous crypto-anarchists and cypherpunks Paul Rosenberg, Frank Braun, Smuggler, Moritz Wietersheim, and Silur; and Co-creator of The Free AI Manifesto, Olga Ukolova.

Other speakers already confirmed for the event include Pavol Luptak, Co-founder of the Institute of Cryptoanarchy and Paralelní Polis, and ethical hacker; Swedish cypherpunk-philosopher, Alexander Bard; the first seasteaders, Chad and Nadia; and Max Hillebrand, Developer of Wasabi Wallet for Bitcoin. More thoughtful opinion leaders will be announced in the coming weeks.

Event organiser Pavol Luptak, said:

“We’re delighted to be able to launch HCPP TV and deliver HCPP’s unique content and thoughtful insights to our community of cypherpunks  and activists around the globe. The previous six congresses have sold out months in advance. The current global situation provides us with the opportunity to open the congress to new audiences that might not otherwise have been able to make it to Prague. Of course, for those who can make the trip, we look forward to welcoming them to the beautiful venue of Paralelní Polis and taking a stand against digital totality together.”

Come to Prague the first October weekend or tune in to HCPP TV

Ticket holders who decide to attend the physical event will benefit from rare networking opportunities with famous crypto-anarchists, hackers, Austrian economists, crypto evangelists, and activists. Also, Hackers Congress Paralelní Polis will continue its annual tradition and distribute one hundred Silver Commemorative Coins depicting a famous freedom fighter. This year, HCPP will celebrate the achievements of American whistleblower Edward Snowden.

Furthermore, attendees will have the opportunity to examine the concept of the truck-based Paralelní Polis, Decentruck, which is due to be showcased at the congress following a complete reconstruction made possible by global community donations. As with previous years, the last available ticket for the event will be sold for 1 bitcoin and will grant its owner life-time access to Paralelní Polis events.

The 7th Hackers Congress will be held in Prague in Paralelní Polis (Dělnická 43) and La Fabrika (Komunardů 1001/30) and is proudly supported by XMR.TO and General Bytes. The program starts on Friday, October 2nd, at 13:00 and ends on Sunday, October 4th, at 18:00. The official language is English. Tickets and webcast gateway are available for global participants at the conference web

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