Hackers Congress Paralelní Polis 2023 Declares RESISTANCE IS LIFE!

August 30, 2023 — Hackers Congress Paralelní Polis (HCPP) proudly announces its return for the 10th annual edition, taking place from September 29 to October 1 in Prague, Czech Republic.

Organized by the pioneering nonprofit, Paralelní Polis, this flagship event convenes a global community of over 500 fans, IT experts, and freedom enthusiasts. Together, they explore the profound interplay between technology, liberty, and resistance.

In a world journeying towards enhanced economic, social, and digital freedom, HCPP23 emerges as a beacon of progress, dialogue, and empowerment. By uniting minds devoted to technology and freedom, HCPP continues to shape public discourse and guide a path toward a more liberated future.

Under the banner of “RESISTANCE,” HCPP23 provides a platform to dissect these intricate dynamics through a range of discussions and interactions. This three-day congress comprises four central thematic pillars – Freedom & Cryptoanarchy, Decentralized Economics & Cryptocurrencies, Political Art & Hacking, and Science & Technology.

Esteemed speakers and thought leaders from diverse backgrounds grace the stage, sharing their insights and perspectives including:

  • Richard Stallman: A legendary figure in free software, Stallman’s contributions have reshaped our engagement with technology and personal freedoms.
  • Cody Wilson: A provocative advocate for digital firearms, Wilson’s ideas challenge norms, sparking vital dialogues at the nexus of technology and regulation.
  • Jarrad Hope: As a co-founder of, Hope leads the blockchain and decentralized communication revolution, propelling us towards an interconnected future.
  • Rachel-Rose O’Leary: O’Leary’s exploration of blockchain’s fusion with art and finance positions her as a visionary, uncovering the transformative potential of emerging tech.
  • Mitch Altman: A prominent hacker and inventor, Altman’s pioneering efforts expand technological horizons, inspiring hands-on learning.

This assembly of thought leaders, alongside other esteemed speakers, underscores the essence of HCPP23 – a celebration of individual freedoms, innovation, and a society empowered by technology.

Hackers Congress Paralelní Polis 2023 is preceded by another exceptional event: the Proof-of-Work Summit (Sep 25-27, Prague). Hosted by the ETC Cooperative and the Litecoin Foundation, the summit aims to reinvigorate and encapsulate the spirit of cypherpunks, the instigators of the blockchain revolution. With a host of marquee names confirmed already – and more of the world’s top innovators, thought-leaders, and decision-makers – and more announced soon, the two days are shaping up to be nothing short of phenomenal.

Already included in the line-up is Bitcoin pioneer, Charlie Shrem, people’s favorite and creator of Litecoin, Charlie Lee, infamous cypherpunk, Jameson Lopp, and Wall St veteran turned CEO of Custodia Bank, Caitlin Long.

About HCPP

Hackers Congress Paralelní Polis is the flagship event of Paralelní Polis, a unique nonprofit organization that blends art, social sciences, and modern technologies to foster innovative thinking and societal development.

Founded in 2014 by members of the contemporary art group Ztohoven, as well as Slovak and Czech hackerspaces, Paralelní Polis operates independently of state support. The organization derives its funding from voluntary contributions by donors and commercial activities such as running an exclusive co-working space and the world’s first Bitcoin-only café.

Paralelní Polis is a one-of-a-kind nonprofit organization that brings together art, social sciences, and modern technologies. The ideas of liberty, independence, innovative thinking, and the development of society are the main underlying foundations of the project. The project intends to remain state-free as it operates entirely without support from the government, and most of the funds come from voluntary contributions of our donors and partly from commercial activities such as running a unique coworking space and the world’s first bitcoin-only cafe.

It was founded by members of a contemporary art group Ztohoven, and Slovak and Czech hackerspaces. Its main goal is to promote economic, social, and digital freedom. We try to be a vocal voice of liberty in order to shape the public discourse and ultimately work towards a freer future.

For more information about the event, speakers, and registration details, please visit the official Hackers Congress Paralelní Polis website:

For media inquiries, please contact: Kateřina, Head of PP, HCPP and Pizza Day Prague

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