Freedom Business Summit 2021 Online — November 6-7, 2021

Freedom Business Summit 2021 is a global online event for those looking for ways to take their freedom back, mitigate geopolitical risks, protect their wealth and build a location independent lifestyle.

DAY 1: Keynotes and panel discussions on things people don’t talk about
DAY 2: Dedicated workshops: custom strategies, real cases, and hands-on experience

Summit Agenda

Bringing together topics not covered in mainstream media, the summit aims to educate those who value their freedom on things like:

  • Self-sovereignty 101 – embracing prepper mentality and becoming a free man.
  • Jurisdictional Arbitrage – playing the game of flag theory, why having a second passport is necessary, how do you pick the right jurisdiction and what the paperwork is like.
  • Global incorporation – seeking a better regulatory environment for your business.
  • Bitcoin through a macro lens – your hedge against the money printer.
  • Building a citadel – self-sufficient housing.
  • Unschooling – teach your kids critical thinking.
  • Taxation – legal ways to minimize or entirely avoid the burden of capital gains and income tax.

Speakers include: 

  • Anatoly Letaev – CEO at Migronis (Portugal)
  • Liam Martin – Co-Founder (Canada)
  • Alla Adam – Smart Human, Life Coach (Chicago, USA)
  • Parul Gujral – CEO Snowball Money (USA)
  • Alex Huditan – Entrepreneur at Amazon & Lifestyle (Romania)
  • Katie Ananina – CEO PlanBPassport (USA)
  • Viktorija Simulynaite – CEO Sovereign Man (Worldwide)
  • Marat Kurbanov – Senior analyst at Sovereign Man, (Chile, Spain)
  • Marvin Liao – VC, ex-partner at 500 STARTUPS (USA)
  • Gavin Dantez – E-commerce entrepreneur (Bali)
  • Andreas Wil Gerdes – Entrepreneur, World Citizen #8 (Malta)
  • Jeff Ruiz – Online Entrepreneur (France)
  • Gil Petersil – Professional Networker (Singapore)
  • Hannah Brown – Head of Content, e-Residency of Estonia