Five Reasons to Visit One of a Kind Bitcoin Conference… LABITCONF

Last month an outstanding 4K animation was shared with the crypto community about the history of money evolution, and the role of Bitcoin and Blockchain as a game changer and beginning of a silent (r)Evolution.

December 4, 2019

But it was also a promotional video for LABITCONF, the main Latin American Bitcoin and Blockchain Conference, so we decided to go deeper about this conference and found out that it’s a kind of outspoken secret among every speaker or participant who attended, that this is one of the very best events out there.

And these are just some of the reasons why:


First: The merits

The conference is one of the few non for profit conferences, plus it’s been running unstop since 2013. Also, it’s one of the few, if not the only one who kept the word BITCOIN in the title since then as a sort of stance that says “we don’t flowing with the FUD, nor are moved by the economics, we do this to promote the real revolution”, says Rodolfo Andragnes, organizer of the event. And this can be confirmed just watching it’s speakers and agenda.


Second: The speakers

The list of speakers for this year’s event is top notch including Andreas M. Antonopoulos, Dr. Adam Back, Erik Voorhees, David Chaum, Max and Stacy from Keiser Report, Jimmy Song, John Newbery, Giacomo Zucco, Connie Gallipi, and Peter McCormack to name some.

Past events also included Alena Vranova, Luke Dashjr, Nick Szabo, Brock Pierce, Jihan Wu, Roger Ver, Zooko Wilcox, Peter Todd, Gregory Maxwell, Pamela Morgan, Tuur Demeenster and even the real Dorian Satoshi Nakamoto among others.

Clearly not an project schilling conference but a “core and revolution” one. Some of them, such as Andreas Antonopolous have missed only a few.


Third: The agenda

Just reading the titles of the talks on both tracks you realize the whole conference is thought as an evolution from start to end to ensure a full grasp of the technology with a correct mix of Bitcoin economics and opportunities, technical aspects, local and international government’s approach, legal understanding, exchanges, miners and social impact.

Perhaps, you won’t find many use cases as expected, “that’s because we consider ‘use cases’ offer an understanding on today’s capabilities, but we promote the understanding on what’s coming next”, says the organizer.


Fourth: The experience

The event moves from country to country every year and form their videos, you can say that they invest big bucks and time in preparing fun activities for the speakers which include local culture interactive lessons (Coffee tasting, Wine making or Tango for example), traditional food, dancing and crazy costumes karaoke and off site activities (Rafting, Zip Lines, Paint Ball, Beach Activities, Salt Mine Cathedral and others).

The idea is to change networking for bonding with vivid activities between the key local and international players.


Fifth: Latin America

For most Northen people, Latin America is a double opportunity, either to have a good excuse to take a long travel south for visiting it’s beautiful countries and traditions, or for its social and economic caveats mixed with high technology penetration and skills which represents a huge opportunity for most crypto projects and,

LABITCONF seems the very best place to start meeting its key players and start business.

We’ll be in LABITCONF this year… Will you?

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