Europe’s Largest Blockchain for Healthcare Conference Announces Agenda

Unblocked Events has announced the agenda for Healthcare Unblocked 2019, now in its 3rd year as Europe’s largest blockchain for healthcare conference. The event will take place on Friday 8 November in London where startups will pitch for a prize worth £1000 and speakers will be covering topics including:

• Mapping Blockchain Healthcare Marketplace – what does the data tell us?
• The ethics of sharing medical data
• Cybersecurity and healthcare data privacy
• How to transform healthcare with eHealth
• Medical information and patient empowerment
• The NHS and blockchain – what state are we in?
• Genomics, blockchain and precision medicine
• Building maintainable healthcare blockchains – what tools & methods are needed?
• Future Vision: Healthcare in a decentralised world

Confirmed speakers include leaders in the field:

• Alex Cahana, Head of Healthcare and Blockchain Consulting, Genesis Block
• Arnoud Berghuis, Founder, Blockchain Knowledge Foundation
• Ankur Banerjee, Lead Blockchain & Digital Identity Solution Architect, Accenture UK
• Helen Disney, CEO, Unblocked
• Heather Flannery, Global Lead, ConsenSys Health
• Henry Goodier, Co-Founder, Truu
• Dr Natalie Pankova, Digital Health Expert, WHO & COO, Metadvice
• Dr Stewart Southey, NHS Consultant Anaesthetist and Founder of Catena Consulting
• Annie Theriault, Chief Investment Officer, Grand Challenges Canada
• Isabel Thompson, Senior Strategy Analyst, Holtzbrinck
• Dr Jane Thomason, CEO, Fintech Worldwide
• Tina Woods, CEO, Collider Health
• Alexander Seyf, CEO, Autolomous
• Eleonora Harwich, Director of Research and Head of Digital and Tech Innovation, Reform
• Gilbert Verdian, CEO, Quant Network
• Dr Navin Ramachandran, UCH and IOTA Foundation
• Ahmed Ashour, COO, Pharmeum
• Natalie Furness, Co-Founder, Women in Technology Revolution
• Jenny Creed Geraghty, Clinical Genetic Scientist

Unblocked Events was recently listed in the inaugural FT Founders 50 as one of the most inspirational leaders in the Fintech industry and also as a Top 100 Regtech Influencer. Healthcare Unblocked 2019 is part of the newly-launched Digital Impact Week, which also includes a women in blockchain meet up on 7/11 and a one day Digital Impact Summit on 11/11.

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