Euro Inflation and New Bitcoin Highs — Tone Vays Predicts Global Financial Market Disruption by 2030

Ex investment bank risk analyst Tone Vays shares his thoughts on Malta’s economic outlook, greylisting and what risks real estate investors might face soon.

Is Bitcoin dead, will inflation have an impact on the local economy and how can business events be brought back to the Islands. Amid the heavy restrictions halting travel, tourism and conferences, Bitcoin Club Malta had the opportunity to record an exclusive Interview with risk expert Tone Vays.

November 1, 2021
Bitcoin Club Malta

We met in the Birgu Marina on the prestigious ‘Riva Argo 90’ Motoryacht courtesy of Von der Heyden Yachting. In the interview, Tone Vays shares his reasons for moving to Malta, his views on the economic outlook for the Eurozone and of course his opinion on Bitcoin.

The “Blockchain Island” has lost traction and not much is left from the initial vision and promised benefits for Malta. Has the time come for a rebirth as “Bitcoin Island”?

Fans and followers of Tone Vays wouldn’t mind and with his followership of over 350.000 fans on Youtube and Twitter he has almost as many followers as Malta counts residents.

The former employee of collapsed New York investment bank Bear Stearns is an avid world traveler following the credo “go where you are treated best”.

Despite the present regulatory clutter, the Youtuber, trader and conference organizer decided to bring his own conference back to Malta.

“I really like it here, I’ve been in Malta a couple of times back in 2019 to host the Understanding Bitcoin Conference and I wanted to come back and follow up with some hotels in order to prepare and bring the conference back here in 2022 because Malta is just lovely.”

Could this be the beginning of a new heyday for business events in Malta with a focus on Bitcoin rather than blockchain?

In the eyes of regulators ‘Bitcoin’ should be avoided at all cost. On the other hand El Salvador has made it legal tender as the first country in the world. And bitcoin capital as well as investors and businesses follow this kind of signal.

“The travel lifestyle meant so much to me, I grew up as a foreign immigrant to the US but I didn’t really get to travel until I was in my late 20’s so I took the first opportunity to quit that desk job and experience the world.”

Vays has organized numerous Bitcoin related conferences around the world such as Unconfiscatable in Las Vegas but chose Malta for his is 2022 event after his first successful conference in Malta in 2019. Malta has a lot to offer to event organizers such as beautiful surroundings, fantastic venues and a well connected airport within Europe.

Bitcoin Club Malta records hot summer interview with Tone Vays on luxurious Riva Yacht “Noi”

However, Bitcoin is still a controversial topic in Malta after the blockchain Island saga came to an end. When FATF voted to greylist Malta, discussing Bitcoin and blockchain became an uncomfortable subject as concerns about money laundering would come to mind.

Tone Vays has an answer to that and is convinced that anti money laundering regulations are stifling innovation and are holding society back. When ordinary people and businesses cannot get bank accounts and have to submit their parents shopping preferences to be compliant with regulations, something has to change.

To him, AML and KYC regulations are primarily a form of governmental surveillance and control rather than an effective measure – a point of view which is supported by many studies indicating the impotence of said regulations.

“The governments want to control how I spend my money and I think that is wrong, very wrong.”

So should we embrace Bitcoin all of a sudden?

For Tone Vays it is clear that Bitcoin is mainly a tool for wealth protection that will become crucial in case of severe tensions in the financial markets. The ongoing crisis could hit consumers with higher prices caused by an increase in money supply. Savings are at risk when the printing press is on full speed.

“Inflation is basically theft of your savings because the governments continue to print an unreasonable amount of money,” explained Tone while continuing to make a bold prediction. “Bitcoin will get you the freedom back so pay very close attention to Bitcoin, I believe by 2030 the dollar will no longer be the world reserve currency.”

Is there a chance the misfit and rebel internet money could ever be a Bitcoin Standard and function as a world reserve currency? Time will tell and until then we can keep excited for what’s next.

We also hope Tone  Vays can bring his conference to Malta next year and thank him for his insights and the time.

A special thanks to the supporters that made this production happen namely Von Der Heyden Yachting, LetBuyMark, and

Watch the rest of the interview where Tone shares more insights and secrets and learn what he thinks about the future value of Bitcoin

  • His views on the implications of the demonetization of the dollar
  • How pricing goods in Satoshis will work
  • Real estate prices in Malta
  • Geopolitical changes US, China, EU
  • How to prepare for Inflation and the ‘Great Reset’

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