ETHBKK 2022 — December 2, 2022


Welcome to ETHBKK 2022, a free virtual event dedicated to the Ethereum Ecosystem and its exponential growth, especially in South East Asia.

For this edition we are proud to welcome again the biggest name in the Ethereum ecosystem.

Speakers include:

  • Marouen Zelleg, Lead of Operations, ConsenSys
  • Louis Guthmann, Ecosystem Lead, Starkware
  • Tim Beiko, Protocol Team, Ethereum Foundation
  • Unnawut Leepaisalsuwanna, Blockchain Lead, SCB10X
  • Charles D’Haussy, CEO, DYDX Foundation
  • Sandy Peng, Co-Founder, Scroll
  • Guillaume Le Saint, CEO, Atato
  • Sanjay Popli, CSO, Cryptomind
  • Jonathan Phan, Head of SEA Ecosystem, OKX Chain
  • Florent Vallauri, Managing Director SEA, Gameloft
  • Nattariya Wittayatanaseth, Head of Strategy, Alpha Venture DAO
  • Imran Mohamad, Head of Marketing, Kyberswap
  • Felix Mago, Co-Founder, Space
  • Steve Ceverny, Founder and CEO, Kaleido