ETH Day Amsterdam 2022 — April 18, 2022

ETH Day Amsterdam 2022

Hosted by CryptoCanal, ETH Day is part of Devconnect, a week-long gathering in Amsterdam featuring independent Ethereum events, each with a unique focus.

ETH Day will showcase the best of Devconnect, high level talks about the latest technical developments in the Ethereum ecosystem.

We welcome developers, builders and entrepreneurs wanting to dive into the Ethereum world.

Curious minds, technically inclined and generally interested in learning from the best of the Ethereum ecosystem, all are welcome!

Speakers include:

  • Tim Beiko, Ethereum developer & researcher
  • Trent Van Epps, Ethereum Foundation
  • Aya Miyaguchi, Ethereum Foundation
  • Austin Griffith, Ethereum Foundation
  • Maria Magenes, Marketing Lead,
  • Lenka Hudakova, Project Lead, MakerDAO SES
  • Boxer, Dune Analytics
  • Jeremy Musighi, Balancer
  • Harith Kamarul, Etherscan
  • Andrej Berlin, Deep Work
  • Justin Bons, Cyber Capital
  • Simon Emanuel Schmid, Edge & Node ; The Graph
  • Andrej Rakic, Chainlink
  • Rolf Hoefer, Metacartel
  • Eléonore Blanc, CryptoCanal


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